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OMAC is a superhero from Earth 9 and a member of the Authority.

OMAC first appeared when they attacked Apollo when he broke into Lia Nelson's apartment in Los Angeles thinking that he had kidnapped her.[1]

After a brief scuffle Apollo managed to explain to them the situation and together they rescued Lia from Eclipso.

After the battle both they and Lia joined Superman's Authority and left Earth to free Warworld.[2]


  • OMAC'S Armor: OMAC wears a suit of armor that grants them enhanced physical abilities.
    • Superhuman Strength: OMAC can increase their physical strength through a vocal command, choosing a level of strength between one and ten.[2]

  • OMAC is gender-fluid; they seem to have a female body and prefer to be referred to by the pronouns he/him/they.[2]