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Quote1.png I Am Omac Prime. It's good to meet all of you. Quote2.png
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O.M.A.C. Prime was a creation of Max Lord.

Lord had been stealthily reforming and leading an all new Justice League International across every corner of the world from behind the scenes while resuming control over Checkmate through their actions.

Along the way he would study and reevaluate the functionality of his O.M.A.C's while looking over a great many other assets the organization had in preparation of pursuing his vendetta against Wonder Woman, enlisting the aid of mad scientist Professor Ivo, incorporated the neural receptory spontaneousness of the Metal Men, utilizing the genetic variability of Cadmus and the Creature Commandos projects.

Finally the shapeshifting adaptability of the alien Reach Scarab belonging to Blue Beetle. With Max's own vocal emulation thrown in, the creation was dubbed O.M.A.C Prime. When an army of O.M.A.C's rained down on the unsuspecting Diana in Los Angeles, the new JLI managed to get to her first and run interception.

It was then when OMAC Prime was deployed and went on the warpath through both the city and the team. Created to destroy Wonder Woman in retaliation by Max for killing him, he was comprised of the same Absorption Cell technology used in the Amazo Android. On top of his Natural O.M.A.C functions he quickly assimilates all the powers and equipment functions of the League and his initial quarry, becoming nigh unstoppable. The Android is only undone when Jaime realizes it hasn't copied all of his abilities, and in doing so he managed to usurp it's motor control long enough to blast its head off, destroying it for good.


O.M.A.C. Virus: As an OMAC drone, Prime has all the natural computerized functions of his cyborg counterparts. With his mechanized brain he can process and conceive a plethora of viable countermeasures against most any superhuman he encounters on the spot. Thanks to Maxwell Lord's brain anagrams imprinted onto it's programming, this O.M.A.C can utilize well thought out strategic psychological ploys to throw off his enemies stance.

  • Metahuman Database: An OMAC unit has archives on almost every metahuman on file. Their strengths, their weaknesses, psychological profiles, all of it. Able to access and exploit this information at will in order to combat said meta's and their unique talents.
  • Nano-morph: In addition to his O.M.A.C. programming, OMAC Prime is an adapt shapeshifter who can emulate most any kind of technological apparatus into his bionic form. Similar to Amazo who's Absorption Cell technology can even emulate weapons, gadgets and equipment on the fly.
  • Absorption Cells: Having been constructed using the Amazo design by it's creators, OMAC Prime can experientially gain the superpowers, natural skills and equipment functioning of anyone/everyone be they superhuman or otherwise that are within his immediate vicinity. Adapting, learning and utilizing assimilated abilities as countermeasures against any opponent it faces.
  • Flight: As an OMAC it has a natural capacity for flight at various speeds.
  • Energy Projection: OMAC Prime can discharge blasts of energy from it's singular optic with incredible force.
  • Superhuman Strength
  • Superhuman Durability


  • Power Instability: While it can absorb and utilize a multitude of special powers and utilize them with optimum finesses, some powers cannot be properly utilized without express danger of having them overridden by the original user.
  • Power Absorption: Certain powers emulated by the android can be reabsorbed back from it, as was the case with Captain Atom when Prime copied his quantum power.



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