Quote1 You changed the universe. You ruined it. You took everything that was supposed to be mine. You did this. I can make it right. Quote2
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Oblivion was unknowingly formed by Kyle Rayner after he broke through the Source Wall and edited the Source itself.

Oblivion consists of Rayner's anxiety, greed, rage and fear manifested into a physical form. Oblivion believed himself to be Rayner, and took refuge in Rayner's apartment and fooled Carol Ferris into believing he was Rayner until she realized he was a doppelganger.

Oblivion teleported Ferris and himself to Nova Dios, Arizona, where he began to warp the townspeople and buildings out of proportion. He also filled the town with illusions of people Rayner had been friends with or had worked with in the past, including the New Guardians and various members from all the Lantern Corps. When Rayner arrived, he confronted Oblivion and tried to make him change the town back. Oblivion refused, and revealed that Rayner is responsible for his creation and that he changed the universe. Aaron Rayner, Kyle Rayner's father, attempted to reason with Oblivion, arguing that if Oblivion were truly Kyle, he would not allow the people and town to have been hurt and distorted so badly. Distracted, Oblivion was blasted by a White Lantern construct and subdued.

He got back up after Ferris began evacuating the townspeople, appearing more distorted but stronger. As they fought, Rayner realized Oblivion's origins and recounted his venture through the Source Wall and the release of the Entities into it. While viewing the Source of life itself, he changed it and created Oblivion to fill the gap that had been created. Rayner realized that the only way he could defeat Oblivion was to stop fighting and allow Oblivion to fuse with himself. Rayner consciously edited the Source once again, attempting to fix the hole he made, but lost himself within its vastness and disappeared, along with Oblivion.


  • Shape-Shifting: Oblivion can change his physical form at will.
  • Superhuman Strength
  • Telepathy: Oblivion can reach into the minds of others and change/contort them.
  • Energy Projection: Oblivion can project vast amounts of energy in the form of constructs and blasts that match the power of a White Lantern construct.
  • Illusion Casting: Oblivion has the ability to create illusions of buildings, objects, and people.



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