The Obsidian-Folk are one of two major races found on the planet known as Stoneworld.


They are bitter rivals with their neighboring race the Pumice People. The Obsidian-Folk dislike the Pumice People immensely and believe that they are an inferior breed. Several years ago, the Green Lantern known as Brik came to Stoneworld to recruit willful able-bodied warriors into the Green Lantern Corps. Despite an altercation with the pirate Flicker, Stoneworld yielded two new Green Lanterns, one from each race: Aa of the Pumice People, and Kworri of the Obsidian Folk.


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Cultural Traits:

The Obsidian-Folk pride themselves on their warriors' instinct. The most able-bodied fighters are held in high regard. The Obsidian-Folk feel a deep sense of honor with strong ties towards family.


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