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In the 21th century, the terroristic group Leviathan, which had been manipulated human history since ancient times, targeted Andrea Rojas, the head of Obsidian North, who was projecting V.R. lenses that could link its u

Obsidian Platinum is an augmented reality dimension which is created by the advanced technology of the Obsidian North company, led by the businesswoman Andrea Rojas. Human minds from the real universe could be uploaded to this realm where they could become anything they wished and live a parallel life alongside with native elements of Obsidian Platinum which are NPCs that appear a Earth-Prime characters, using memories extracted by Obsidian Platinum's users.


In the 21th century, the terroristic group Leviathan, which had been manipulated human history since ancient times, targeted Andrea Rojas, the head of Obsidian North, who was projecting V.R. lenses that could link its user to a virtual space where he could enjoy a fake reality without real life problems: they sought to use the new technology to simultaneously control every human minds, assurring the dominion of the entire world so an high profile member of the group, the alien Gamemnae, masqueraded herself as Gemma Cooper and became Andrea's partner on Obsidian North.

After the return of the Legion[1], Lex Luthor retrieved time data that linked Gemma Cooper to Leviathan[2] so, in order to defeat the group, he proposed to the alien woman a partnership in conquering the planet while it was secretely planning every move to take her down.[3]

The fresh-born reality of Obsidian Platinum had to pass a massive beta-testing phase, using a great number of human subjects to send into the alternate space. However, Andrea Rojas was unaware that it was inserted into the software code a bug that deleting people's escape door to the real world, leaving them in the twisted fantasies that were created in Obsidian Platinum.[4]

An expert programmer, Richard Bates used his abilities to hack into Obsidian Platinum code and imprison Trevor Crane in a virtual prison for cheating with his wife Jennifer in the simulation. Eventually, Alex Danvers followed the traces of Trevor's disappearance to the augmented reality and forced him to exit it, freeing the prisoner; however, Richard Bates was left comatose with his lenses turning red.[4]

Later, Alex entered again the realm in the aftermath of her father's death. There, she discovered that her mind created a fantasy where she was Supergirl and she also befriended another human user, Bonnie, who had been part of the alternate reality for a long time, that showed her the parallel world and explained her its rules.[5]

She went on various missions, including the capture of an NPC Psi, assigned by NPC version of D.E.O. members. After being stuck for some time out of the real world, Alex left Obsidian Platinum after being contacted by her girlfriend Kelly, who was backed up by J'onn J'onzz and Brainiac 5, that helped her realize that the real life was better than a fantasy life as a superhero. However, other beta-testers remained in the parallel reality, while their body were hidden by the Leviathan members.[5]

Still unaware by Lex Luthor and Leviathan's machinations, Andrea Rojas organized the world-wide launch of Obsidian Platinum, during the Worlwide Unity Festival, so every human on Earth could upload himself to the virtual world and be left at the mercy of Leviathan.

When the Festival began, billions of humans linked themselves to Obsidian Platinum. Before Gemma Cooper could kill their minds, Supergirl herself entered the reality, asking to every human in Obsidian Platinum to disconnect themselves as she, the Paragon of Hope, explained the danger upon them and the magnificence to enjoy a real life despite all the problems that could come with it. Humankind listened to its hero and left the reality, de facto averting the Leviathan's plan.[6]

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  • Alex Danvers/Supergirl (formerly)
  • Bonnie
  • NPCs
    • Brainiac 5
    • Dreamer
    • Hank Henshaw
    • J'onn J'onnz
    • Kara Danvers
    • Psi
  • Richard Bates (formerly)
  • Trevor Crane (formerly)


  • Despite they existed similar V.R. projects in the Pre-Crisis Earth-38 reality, this dimension never came to exist before the Crisis.
  • It is currently unknown if Obsidian Platinum can be accessed from other realities in the Multiverse.
  • Leviathan's plan to uniform and control every human minds at the same time is similar to Non and, later, Lena's use of Myriad.

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