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Odin Quincannon is the owner of a meat business who has had run-ins with Jesse Custer.

By his own account, he "started out so poor that he had to wipe his ass with his own hand."[1] He then worked his way to owning his own meat company, all on his own. He became the richest person in Salvation, Texas, and had the Sheriff in the palm of his hand. He used the Sheriff to ensure that the people who worked for him never got arrested, even for crimes as serious as harassment. Once Jesse Custer became Sheriff, Quincannon couldn't get away with everything he used to, so he decided to have Jesse Custer killed. After the man he hired to bomb Custer's car failed, he enlisted the Ku Klux Klan to help. When that failed, he hired an ex Navy Seal to place bombs all over the town, starting with the Sheriff's office. He also had Custer's deputy kidnapped as a hostage, and threatened to kill her and blow up the town if Custer didn't meet him. He held Custer at gunpoint on top of a bridge, but just as he was about to detonate the bombs all over town, he was struck by lightning. He managed to escape, shooting at Custer as he did so. The shot missed and struck a local immigrant. Custer followed Quincannon back to his meat plant, where it was revealed that Quincannon had built a giant "woman," out of meat, and has sex with it on multiple occasions. Custer caught him in the act and shot him, proclaiming that it was a mercy killing.


  • Odin Quincannon often spoke about himself in the third person.



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