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 Okaarans are the natives to the Vegan world of Okaara.


The most famed amongst them are the Warlords of Okaara. From the beginning, the Okaarans were a peaceful race and developed a gentle, life-cherishing civilization. But that peace was shattered by the arrival of the Psions, who abducted and experimented on one of their citizens, X'Hal, who later gave birth to a half-Branx son who inspired the repressed rage that laid dormant within the hearts and minds of all Okaarans, causing them to make war on each other, until their planet was ravaged in nuclear warfare. Okaaran civilization survived, and the Okaarans were changed by the radiation, becoming the stocky, fang-toothed Okaarans of the present time.[1]

For several millennia the Warlords have trained the best and the brightest children in the Vegan star system in the art of combat. Their beliefs held that the art of war and the humanities should forever be entwined with one another. They instructed their charges to develop a deep sense of self worth, so they would always be cognizant of the value of life and what exactly they would be fighting for. They taught them how to love a friend and hate an enemy. They taught them compassion and compromise, but always with the caveat that when such emotions prevailed, the only recourse would be war. Those trained in the Okaaran combat arenas included the Tamaranean sisters Koriand'r and Komand'r, as well as future Omega Men Primus and Kalista.

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The Warlords of Okaara are renowned experts in all forms of martial combat. Their expertise extends beyond merely the art of killing, and includes the philosophy of combat and the humanities.



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