Oliver was a companion and short-lived boyfriend of John Constantine during his adventure in New York City.

Before meeting Constantine, Oliver was married to a woman – Laura – and had two daughters – Kelse and Livvie. The two got divorced and, while the girl's mother decided to live in New Jersey, Oliver settled down in the Big Apple and opened up his own bar, Oliver's Cafe, which would later be the location of his first encounter with John Constantine.

Giving John a drink for free, the two began flirting with one another and immediately hit it off.[1] Constantine, knowing full-well his ability to hurt the ones he cared about, avoided growing attached to Oliver, but soon caved into his own temptation and the two spent a romantic night together.[2]

John's prediction coming true, Oliver was eventually held hostage by Papa Midnite in order to coerce Constantine into helping the voodoo artist get his club back from the demon Neron. Aiding for for Oliver's sake, Constantine managed to con Papa Midnite out of the deal and rescue Oliver himself.

Though Oliver was still dedicated to John, this devotion would later come back to bite him again when Oliver's daughters' souls were stolen by the demon Blythe for Neron, again to hurt Constantine.[3] Challenging Neron head on to reclaim the souls of Oliver's daughters, Constantine managed to succeed and retrieve the rights to them back.

However, having given up hope too soon, Oliver made a bargain with Blythe without John's knowledge to sell his own soul for his daughters'. After getting the chance to break up with Constantine in frustration for the grief that he caused, Blythe dragged Oliver to Hell to be tortured, forcing his daughters and Constantine to watch.[4]


  • Oliver was one of many characters who was introduced into the DCnU (formerly known as DCU) after the 2011 relaunch.



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