Green Arrow was the defender of the common working-class of Manhatten's lower east side.

The Green Arrow became known to the League of Science after they raided the headquarters of the domestic terrorist group, the Spartans. Taking Green Lantern out of the fight with a trick arrow, the emerald archer disabled Star-man with a blow to the head from his bow and halted the Human Flash with his bolas before confronting the Super-Man. Surprisingly, it was the people themselves who came to their protector's aide, hurling rocks and rotten fruit at the alien champion. When Clark asked why the people were so scared of them, Arrow pointed out it had been the League of Science that had stormed into their neighborhood as though they owned the place. Green Arrow made a point of showing Clark and his allies that the suffering and poverty of the people who lived in the area was due to the science and progress the group's so-called "Age of Wonder" was creating. In short, the League had CREATED the Spartans, and they would only be the first, so long as Clark and his friends continued to stand for everything except justice. The archer told the League that HE would deal with the Spartans and walked away, bidding farewell. The group attempted to stop him, only to find he had disappeared.

A decade later, the Arrow and the Bat-Man were pursuing a group of thieves to the warehouse district. Following them into one building, which had been converted into a factory, Oliver dodged the bullets from one of the criminals' gun, only to see fuel from the tank behind him leaking toward a sparking console. Green Arrow died as he had lived, pursuing justice.


  • Stealth: Green Arrow managed to elude the entire League of Science, simply walking around a corner and seeming to disappear into thin air.


  • Bolas



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