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Quote1 My name is Oliver Queen. After five years in hell, I returned home with only one goal—to save my city. For eight years, I've fought alongside brave men and women striving for justice. But then, a Crisis came. And I had to become someone else. I had to become something else. I made the ultimate sacrifice, which helped birth an entirely new universe. Now my friends and family will have to go on without me. And although I have become a Spectre, there is a part of me that will always be the Green Arrow. Quote2
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Oliver Queen was the Green Arrow, a vigilante who after being shipwrecked and trapped for five years, trained to become a highly advanced fighter and master archer. Upon returning to his hometown Starling City, Queen at first fought crime in an attempt to right his deceased father's wrongs but, later, developed his own morals for defending the city in general. During the Crisis event, Oliver died protecting Earth-38, but was resurrected as the Spectre to defeat the Anti-Monitor, though the battle cost him his life.

Early Life

Oliver Queen was born in Starling City to the industrialist Robert Queen and the businesswoman Moira Dearden. Oliver befriended Tommy Merlyn and Laurel Lance when they were kids. Oliver later had a younger sister, Thea Queen, whom he nicknamed "Speedy" since he always chased after her. When Tommy's mother was murdered by a mugger, Oliver attended her funeral and comforted Tommy.[1][12][13][14]

In his youth, Robert took Oliver and Tommy to their first hockey game and their first R-rated movie. When Oliver entered his teens, he became a playboy. He and Tommy started sleeping around with some women and got into several media scandals, including assaulting a paparazzi, driving while intoxicated, stealing a taxi, urinating on a police officer, and using a helicopter to impress a girl at the U.S. Open. Eventually, Oliver and Tommy became acquainted with McKenna Hall and Laurel's sister, Sara Lance. Once, he and McKenna were banned from the club Deville for stripping on the premises. Oliver also dropped out of four Ivy League schools and not tell his parents about the last one until sometime after. The only book he ever bothered to read in college was The Odyssey.[15][1][16][2][17][18]

Due to Robert being an aspiring pilot, he sometimes performed his own maintenance with Oliver, taughting him how to operate a plane. Oliver used his abilities to hot-wire Tommy's father's car four times, which resulted in him getting grounded for an entire summer. In 2004, Oliver stole Simon Morrison's girlfriend. In order to convince Vesper Fairchild that the Queen Consolidated was clean, Oliver "slept" with her during her exposé on white-collar crime. In 2005, Oliver begin dating Laurel Lance, but her father disapproved their relationship and threatened to use a taser on Oliver after he catched the two in bed together. However, Oliver enjoyed spending time with Laurel and her family.[19][20][21][22][23][24][25]

Sarah Lance Arrow TV Series 001

Oliver and Sara in the Gambit

At some point, Oliver cheated Laurel by sleeping with a college classmate, Samantha Clayton, accidentally gotting her pregnant. Oliver shared the news with Moira. She paid off Samantha to raise the unborn child in Central City and lie to Oliver that she miscarried. Oliver was both saddened and relieved upon learning of his dashed fatherhood, unaware of the truth.[26][27]

In 2007, when Laurel suggested that she and Oliver could live in their own home, like their friends, Ray and Jean, Oliver initially agreed but he quickly began having doubts and panicked, causing him to start cheating on her in an effort to back out of the commitment. He sleep with Laurel's sister Sara, and eventually inviting her to join him on his father's three-week trip on the Queen's Gambit. Before he boarded the Gambit, Oliver was visited by Laurel, who say goodbye and gave him a photograph of herself for when he got lonely overseas. [1][28]

5 Years in "Hell"

Arrow TV Series Episode Damaged 001

Oliver and Yao Fei in Lian Yu

Oliver's entire life was flipped upside down during an ill-fated sailing trip on his father's yacht, the Queen's Gambit. The ship was sabotaged in the Pacific Ocean, forcing Oliver, Robert and a third crewman to escape in a life raft. Only having enough food and water for one person, Robert killed the third man and told Oliver that he had failed their city and that Oliver needed to survive and right his wrongs. Robert then committed suicide, shooting himself in the head in front of his son. Oliver's raft ended up on the island of Lian Yu, and while scavenging the raft for supplies, he uncovered a list of corrupt one-percenters who were driving Starling City to ruin.

Oliver spent two years on Lian Yu, having his first encounters with Eddie Fyers, Yao Fei, Shado, Slade Wilson, and Dr. Anthony Ivo. During his third year on the island and failed escape from Lian Yu, Oliver was discovered by Amanda Waller and was forced to work as a top-secret A.R.G.U.S. operative before being returned to Starling City.

Transported to China, Oliver was denied the ability to make contact with his friends and family back home until he had completed his mission. Oliver was taken to Maseo and Tatsu Yamashiro's apartment in Hong Kong. Tasu initially distrusts Oliver, but he gains her trust after saving her family from China White and the Chinese Triad. Oliver also befriends Tatsu's son Akio, who later dies when rogue U.S. General Matthew Shrieve releases the Alpha Omega virus.

Oliver later returned to Lian Yu on a mission for A.R.G.U.S.. There, he met and befriended Taiana Venediktov and John Constantine, and faced Baron Reiter, leader of the Shadowspire.

Oliver later traveled to Russia on a mission of A.R.G.U.S., where he trained with Talia al Ghul and became a member of the Bratva, facing the crime boss Konstantin Kovar.

Return to Starling

Arrow (TV Series) Episode Pilot

Oliver becomes the emerald archer.

By the time Oliver was rescued after five years, he was found back on Lian Yu by a group of helicopters. At this point, he had mastered archery and Eskrima and had become a fluent speaker of Mandarin and Russian. As Oliver attempted to reconnect with friends and family, he also created a Robin Hood themed combat suit and began a one-man war of attrition against the corrupt elite named on his father's list, in order to keep the promise he made his father before he died. He eventually gained valuable allies, who steered him down a less lethal path and toward stopping crimes that affected everyday people instead of limiting his crusade to "the list." But as his allies multiplied so did his enemies. "The Hood" attracted the ire of not only the Underworld but also the police and a mysterious "undertaking" with more sinister, far reaching plans.[1]

Rampage of the Hood

Arrow TV Series Episode Honor Thy Father 001

The Hood vs China White

At the start of his crusade, Oliver made an underground layer at the sub-level of an old factory, while opening it into a nightclub as cover, and set up his equipment and connections for his quest of justice, and began with Adam Hunt, whose money he quickly returned to those it was stolen from, and in hunting two more, he made enemies of the sharpshooter Deadshot and the Chinese Triad assassin Chien Na Wei, while enlisting the aid of the Bratva using his rank as a Captain. After saving his bodyguard John Diggle, he invited him to join his crusade after mentioning his fight with Deadshot. With Diggle's advice, he also put daily criminals in his crosshairs, such as the Royal Flush Gang. Oliver also discovered Helena Bertinelli's crusade of vengeance against her father's criminal empire, after her fiance's murder, which led to a brief relationship. He ultimately gained a formidable enemy in the Dark Archer, another masked archer who was pursuing his old targets, whom he fought and lost to, leaving him afraid for his family's state if he dies. After a confrontation with his mother in his vigilante persona, he also brought Felicity Smoak into the fold. After fighting the "Savior", he gained a new devoted ally in Thea's boyfriend Roy Harper.[29]

Arrow TV Series Episode Sacrifice 001

Merlyn catch Oliver

Oliver eventually discovered a sinister plan called the Undertaking that they uncovered to involve causing an artificial earthquake to level the Glades using a Markov device, which his father opposed. He eventually found out the Dark Archer was Malcolm Merlyn, Tommy's father, who defeated him and chained him up. With Diggle's aid, he freed himself and confronted Malcolm, while Felicity and Quentin Lance worked to stop the earthquake device. Oliver eventually found his resolve to defeat Malcolm by stabbing him with an arrow through himself first, but not before Malcolm reveals a second earthquake device, which he activates, before seemingly perishing. Desperate, he rushes to save Laurel and Tommy at CNRI, where he finds Tommy impaled, who he reconciles with before dying.[28][30]

The Green Arrow

Roy Harper Cry for Justice
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Arrow (TV Series) Episode Three Ghosts 001

Oliver unconscious

After Tommy's death, Oliver returned to Lian Yu as a penance for what he views a personal responsibility for the successful destruction of the Glades. Diggle and Felicity later head to the island to enlist Oliver's help when the Hood Gang wreak havoc on Star City. He eventually returns to save the city, and decides that he needs to honor Tommy by stopping crime in the city without killing.[31]

The CCPD Forensic Scientist Barry Allen come to Star City to investigate the Cyrus Gold case and helps Team Arrow defeat him. After returning to Central City, Barry was struck by a lightning which puts him in a nine-month coma.[32][33]

After Barry woke up from the coma, he becomes a metahuman, and Oliver gives him some advice about becoming a vigilante. Later, Oliver is forced to fight Barry after he was brainwashed by the Rainbow Raider. Team Flash then goes to Star City to help Team Arrow defeat a rogue former ASIS agent named Digger Harkness. Oliver later helped Barry and Firestorm defeat the Reverse-Flash and Barry assists Team Arrow of their escape from their prison at Nanda Parbat.[34][35][36][37][6]

Oliver Queen Arrow 004

Oliver as the Green Arrow

Five months after retiring, Oliver was called back to Star City to help Team Arrow stop the H.I.V.E. organization and its leader; Damien Darhk. So he took up a new code-name; Green Arrow, to continue fighting for the people of his city.[38]

Eventually, Oliver and Barry tracked down the heroine Mari McCabe in Detroit, and she become their ally. Team Arrow and Team Flash later worked together to stop Vandal Savage from killing Hawkman and Hawkgirl, and Oliver advised Ray Palmer on joining the Legends. [39][40][41]

When the Dominators attack Earth, various heroes band together to fight them off. Oliver knows Supergirl and helps Barry coordinate Earth's defenses.[42]

In 2017, the Nazis of Earth-X managed to track the heroes to the wedding of Barry Allen and Iris West, which was crashed by a plotoon of Nazis which confronted the heroes that were present at the church. The Nazi troupes were ultimately defeated and forced to retreat, losing one of their commanders, Tommy Merlyn aka Prometheus.

The main army was led by a new Führer, Earth-X Oliver, also known as Dark Arrow, and they were also helped by a displaced Earth-1 Reverse Flash. Their main goal was to use a light accelerator, the Prism, to artificially create red sunlight that would help them transplant Supergirl's heart to her Earth-X counterpart, Overgirl, who also was Oliver's wife, as she was dying from sunlight overloading.[43].

Some of Earth-1's heroes were abducted to Earth-X. Eventually, Green Arrow and others found help in the Freedom Fighters, a resistance team which was led by Captain Winn Schott and the Ray from Earth-1. After joining their forces, they saved the abducted group and discovered the' doomsday device, the Wellenreiter, a militarized timeship that was to be deployed on Earth-1.[44][8]

When the Nazi finally attacked Central City on Earth-1, all the heroes fought against the Nazi enemies and defeated them. Overgirl ultimately died from her disease and Dark Arrow was killed by Oliver. After they lost their leader and the Wellenreiter was destroyed by Harry Wells, the Nazis were forced to concede defeat and retreat to their universe.[45].

Oliver Queen Arrow 006

Oliver as the The Flash

In December 2018, The Monitor came to Earth-1, where he passed the Book of Destiny to John Deegan in order to challenge the heroes of this world. Deegan used the Book of Destiny to create a new reality in which the identities of the Green Arrow and The Flash were swapped so the two heroes found themselves in each other's bodies.

Thanks to Iris West, the two heroes were able to reach Earth-38 where they asked the help of Supergirl and her cousin, Superman. After returning to Earth-1, the heroes were forced to face the threat of the android A.M.A.Z.O. who could replicate any power he scanned. As the heroes banded together and combined their abilities, they were able to destroy the android.[9]

Thanks to Cisco Ramon, the heroes tracked Deegan to Gotham City, where they retrieved the Book but they had to stop a riot in Arkham Asylum with the help of the vigilante Batwoman. In the meantime, the Flash of Earth-90 also came to Earth-1 and warned them about the Monitor's intentions. The heroes confronted him, which got his Book back and ordered Deegan to "think bigger", altering the reality for the second time and causing the Flash and Green Arrow to become the infamous Trigger Twins.[22]

Deegan turned himself a black-suited doppleganger of Superman and imprisoned Supergirl in the S.T.A.R. Labs's pipeline. However, the "Trigger Twins" convinced the alternate Cisco to take them to Earth-38, where they told Superman about Deegan's menace. The alternate Alex Danvers freed Supergirl and, while Deegan was facing Superman, the heroes used the Book of Destiny to restore Flash, Green Arrow and Supergirl's identities.

Then, Deegan retrieved once again the Book and planned to change the unvierse again. So the Flash and Supergirl tried to slow him down by running at super-speed around the Earth. As the two were nearly torn apart, Oliver made a deal with the Monitor to save them in exchange for being his enforcer in an incoming Crisis. Deegan resurrected A.M.A.Z.O., but they were were defeated by the group of heroes, and Deegan became deformed after his connection with the Book of Destiny was interrupted as it was hit by a Monitor-powered arrow of Oliver. The reality was restored to his original form and Deegan was imprisoned in Arkham Asylum.[46]

The Crisis

Oliver Queen Arrow 007

Oliver as the Spectre.

After the defeat of the Ninth Circle, the Monitor called Oliver Queen to his duties, sending him into various missions in the Multiverse in order to prepare him for the future Crisis.[47]

As Earth-38 was about to be destroyed by an Antimatter wave, the heroes were gatherered so they could band together to save this reality's residents, while the Monitor raised colossal tuning towers which were rapidly assaulted by the Shadow Demons. In the final of the battle, Oliver bravely died to save more people he could.[48]

John Constantine, Mia Smoak, and Sara Lance resurrected Oliver in a Lazarus Pit on Earth-18, but they discovered that he lacked his soul. Later, Constantine and Mia, along with John Diggle, came to Earth-666 to meet Lucifer Morningstar, who gifted them a special card to enter the Purgatory where they retrieved Oliver's soul, but they also found the Avatar of the Spectre, Jim Corrigan that convinced Oliver to prepare himself to become the new Spectre.[49][50]

After spending a month out of time, the Spectre reached the Paragons in the Vanishing Point. Despite Oliver's warnings, The Flash convinced him to power him up enough to run into the slowly dying Speed Force, and the other Paragons were sent back in time to stop Mar Novu from ever creating the Anti-Monitor, but while managing to stop him from going back at the Dawn of Time, the superheroes discovered that Mobius was always meant to come into existence. The Paragons reunited with the Spectre at the Dawn of Time. After winning his battle with Mobius, Barry and Sara stood by Oliver's side as he ultimately died from his wounds. The Paragons gathered his Spectre's energy and used it along with their own energies and the remains of the Book of Destiny to recreate the reality itself.[10]

A new Big Bang was caused by the combination of Oliver Queen/Spectre and the Paragons' energies: the original singularity divided itself once again and recreated the infinite realities. Every reality was restored to the existence so all the residents in the Multiverse were brought back to life. The Spectre later returns in the future to help the crisis team defeat Magog.[51][52]




  • "Inner darkness"[53]


  • Green Arrow suit: The suit is used during missions. It includes a hood and quiver.
  • Trick Arrows
    • Router Arrow: Shot near computers to hack into them.
    • Grappling Hook Arrow: To grab on to ledges for swing lines and zip lines.
    • Voice Recording/Listening Arrow: Recording and Listening devices for recording confessions and surveillance.[2][73][28]
    • Ensnarement Arrow: After piercing a target it launches wires into the area around the target and then pulls them tight. Oliver used it to anchor dropped bags of money to the ground to prevent them from being carried off by bank robbers.[74]
    • Flashbang Arrow: A flash/bang grenade in the form of an arrow. He used it to disorient drug dealers at the beginning of an attack and to distract a hostage taker in "The Undertaking". and to explode in Malcolm Merlyn's face after he caught it during their last duel.[13][30][28]
    • Explosive Arrow: Time delayed. He used it to blow a door and impact to disable moving cars.[75][76][77]
    • Flame Burst Arrow: Creates a burst of fire. He used it to blind snipers.[73]
    • Tranquilizer Mini Dart: Small dart thrown to deliver a sedative. Thrown at Detective Lance to disable him while escaping the police station.[77]
    • Incendiary Arrows: He used it to burn through the seal in a grate to get into the subway.[29]
    • Remote Detonator Arrow: Explosive arrow that can be detonated by remote control. Used to distract drug dealing doctors and escape from being strapped to a chair.[78]
    • Injector Arrow: Arrow with a syringe in the tip to inject liquids into target. Used to inject an herb solution to counteract a drug overdose given to Oliver, and to inject the cure to Mirakuru into its victims.[79][61][78]
    • Magnet Arrow: Arrow that has a magnetic tip. Used to disarm Damien Darhk's men.[41]
    • Kryptonite Arrow: Arrow with a tip made of Green Kryptonite that he used to injure Overgirl.[44]
  • Smoke bombs
  • Voice filter (Formerly)
  • Demon's Head ring (Formerly)
  • Flash Ring[9] (Formerly)


  • Arrowbike[80] (Formerly)


  • Guns (Formerly)
  • Sword (Formerly)



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