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Green Arrow was the protector of Star City until he passed the torch to Connor Hawke.

Oliver Queen was the vigilante Green Arrow of Star City until an Uprising led by Deathstroke caused his city to become gripped by the criminal element, as his team members either fled or were killed. Deathstroke cut off Oliver's left arm, effectively ending his career as the Green Arrow.

Oliver Queen was thought dead by the city, until John Diggle's son Connor Hawke brought Sara Lance and Rip Hunter to the abandoned Arrowcave. Oliver remembered Sara Lance from when she went with Rip to become a legend, and said that his whole team was gone. Sara convinced Oliver to make a comeback as the Green Arrow to take down Deathstroke and save Connor Hawke, using a mechanical arm. With Oliver back as the Green Arrow and Rip Hunter's team backing him up, he was able to take down Deathstroke. Oliver and Connor reconcile and vow to take back their city.

During the Crisis on Infinite Earths, Sarah Lance would travel back to 2046 (now revealed to be an alternate universe) and meet an earlier version of this Oliver, one freshly traumatized to the point he didn't even remember Sarah past the point of the Gambit sinking.



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