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After being betrayed and stranded on a remote island, spoiled billionaire Oliver Queen was forced to survive with a crude bow and arrow. When he eventually discovered a band of criminals exploiting the island's natives, he used his jungle-honed skills to stop the abuse and found a purpose in life. Returning to civilization, Queen adopted a flamboyant 'Robin Hood' persona that belies an unerring commitment to justice for the people.

Green Arrow was part of the heroes who stood up to fight the forces of Nekron and his army of Manhunters, making unlikely alliances with some of his usual enemies.


  • There are two playable versions of Green Arrow in the game. The first one is the default "Emerald Archer" character, which is designed after the comic books. The second is the "Castaway" character, which is an original design based on Green Arrow's costume on Starfish Island.



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