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Red Arrow was an ally of Batman.

Before his death, the original Batman of Earth 2 created the Codex (or Source Vault); a programme that contained the encoded DNA of all of Earth 2's plants, animals, and organisms. This was kept under close guard by the Wonders of the World and, following their deaths, it was left to Oliver to guard it inside a sea fortress designed by Bruce - unfortunately for Oliver, Dinah could not stand living inside with him.[2]

Worlds End

As Batman and Huntress attempt to track down whoever has been leaving clues for the others to find they fly out into the North Sea and onto an oil rig. Accidentally triggering a bio-scanner Helena initiates the system which alerts Arrow to his guests whom he welcomes in and joins their fight to save the world. Ultimately he boards the TSS Endurance, the lead ship of the Earth 2 escape flotilla which arrives safely - albeit having crashed - on the area where New Gotham will soon be.

Earth 2: Society

Almost immediately after their crash arrival on the New Earth 2, the ship Endurance is hit by orbital strikes fired by Terry Sloane in another attempt to steal the codex; his Sandmen sneak on-board and successfully take it.


  • Archery: First and foremost of Oliver's abilities is his prowess with a bow and arrow. He can use anything from the most simple bows and arrows to complicated composite bows and trick arrows with full efficiency. He has fought superheroes, supervillains and other opponents you couldn't normally hurt with arrows, yet his skill allowed him to persevere.
  • Acrobatics
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat (Advanced)


  • Bow and Arrows

  • Oliver recalls his name - Red Arrow - being something that "Bruce and the alien" called him after he would be covered in blood.[3]
  • There has been varying inconsistencies with Oliver's facial hair; seemingly growing a full length beard between issues.



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