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      For the Green Arrow in Injustice 2, see Oliver Queen (Injustice: Fall of the Gods).

Quote1.png I understand there are times when there's no choice, when it's kill or be killed, but I don't believe in executions. And I certainly won't stand by while some all-powerful creature squashes someone like a bug. Quote2.png
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Green Arrow was a member of the Justice League and later the Insurgency against Superman's Regime.

Injustice: Gods Among Us: Year One

Oliver Queen, as a member of the Justice League, was affected by Metropolis' destruction at the hands of the Joker. After Superman murders Joker, Oliver becomes aware that the Kryptonian may inflict the same fate onto the Joker's only legitimate ally: Harley Quinn. He travels to Harley's base to take her to the Arrowcave, where she will remain safe.

After Harley burns much of the cave in an accidental fire, Ollie takes her to Arkham Asylum, where many of Green Arrow's allies are conflicting over the inmates inside. He leaves Harley with a guard and goes to join his friends. However, Harley breaks from her bonds and releases all of the inmates, including Solomon Grundy, on the Justice League, Batman, Nightwing and Green Arrow. In the ensuing chaos, Richard Grayson is accidentally killed by Damian Wayne. Richard's corpse is carried out by Bruce as Leaguers and inmates alike stand in silence over Nightwing.

Green Arrow and his fiance, Dinah Lance, are later asked by Batman to become a member of the Insurgency in order to take down Superman. Through the Apokolips invasion and cult riots, Ollie perseveres as dedicated to taking down Superman while keeping a cool head.

After Superman kills Kalibak, Darkseid orders Superman's death and contracts Lobo to kill the Kryptonian. Instead of killing Kal-El, Lobo is forced into working for him and told to pursue Harley Quinn. Lobo takes one of Lex Luthor's 5-U-93-R pills as advance payment, but Harley manages to ingest it and elude Lobo. Harley leads Lobo to the Arrowcave where Ollie and Dinah are training. Oliver and Dinah distract Lobo while Harley rips his head off using her newfound strength. Lobo is convinced by Harley to pursue Darkseid instead of Superman to test the Czarinian's mettle.

Following the revelation of Batman's identity to the public, Arrow forces Bruce to take him along with Catwoman, Black Canary and Captain Atom on a mission to Superman's Fortress of Solitude to acquire one of the Super-Pills. When Kal-El realizes he had been distracted and flies back to his fortress, Atom retaliates and causes part of the ceiling to cave in, cutting Oliver, Martha and Jonathan Kent off from Batman, Black Canary and Catwoman.

When Superman kills Captain Atom, he returns to the Fortress to confront Oliver and prevent him from taking one of the pills. Oliver decides that he needs to distract Superman in order to make sure the Kryptonian does not notice when Oliver sends one of the pills out of the Fortress on an arrow. Unfortunately, the first arrow he sends bounces off of Superman but into Jonathan's shoulder. Enraged, Kal-El sends Ollie flying back. With one shot left, Oliver manages to place both a tracking device and the pill on an arrow for Batman. Oliver is killed by Superman, against Martha Kent's pleas to stop.

After his death, his funeral opens Year Two, which is attended by members of both factions in a silent truce as a sign of respect. In Year Five, Batman references Oliver to be among those who stained Superman's hand in his road to tyranny.

His assets and legacy were later passed down to an alternate Oliver Queen, though Dinah also visited his grave shortly after Ted Kord's death and references their previous visit to the Fortress of Solitude.




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