Quote1.png I'm the Green Arrow. I have no cosmic power. No fancy ring. No alien heritage. Only an eye for the moment. Quote2.png
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Green Arrow was a member of the Justice League of America.


Oliver Queen was born to wealth. His family was not taken from him was others were, so he grew accustomed to comfort and a quality of life that can detach some from their humanity. That could have been his fate. But ironically, a band of criminals who nearly put an end to him might instead have been his salvation.

His boat was overtaken by modern-day pirates. Queen was knocked overboard. He survived but was lost on an uncharted island. This forced the rich man to live in the most primitive way imaginable. If he did not work to build a shelter, he spent his nights in the rain. If he did not hunt, he did not eat. So, after assembling a makeshift bow and carving arrows, he learned to hunt. He became proficient at it and created a life for himself, until the pirates who stole his boat and former life visited his island.

With his new weapons, he defeated the thieves and rescued their newest victims. When he could return to his riches, they no longer matched his tastes. Still, the money proved useful for the purpose that now consumed him, confronting urban crime. To this end, he created a series of trick arrows, capable of launching nets, exploding upon impact, and even "punching out" assailants.[1]



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Green Arrow is a member of the Justice League of America and in a romantic relationship with Black Canary.[2] The Legion of Doom sent Clayface and Scarecrow to their apartment to strike at them when they figured out their identities.[3] Under the effects of fear gas Canary blasted Clayface while he was on top of Arrow impersonating her. The scream did not effect Arrow because Clayface had impersonated her as a blonde, and Arrow assumed since she was wearing her wig he would need ear plugs for their bedroom activities.[4]

He assembles along with the rest of the League at the Fortress of Solitude to work out their retaliation.[5] He was part of a strike-force that attacked a Brainiac-controlled Gorilla Grodd. To protect against further probing from Brainiac, the League wore armor designed by the Metal Men for their great battle.[6] Gold and Platinum posed as them so Green Arrow and Black Canary could go on a covert mission to destroy the Legion's machinery without being missed. Grodd discovers them telepathically and sends Clayface after them, but Elongated Man neutralizes him. Green Arrow has to fight a mind-controlled Supergirl. She dodges his arrow, but it was intended to hit John Stewart and give him the second Green Lantern Ring enabling him to rescue the captives and save themselves.[1] The League would go on to defeat the Legion in battles across the world.[7]




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