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Oliver Queen was a native of Earth-2 and the husband of Lois Lane.

Oliver had a bad public image, due to him buying up farms, evicting the previous owners, in the town of Smallville. However, his reason for doing so was not greed, but trying to save humanity from the evil Ultraman. He had found out that Ultraman was vulnerable against the meteor rocks found all over Smallville and was attempting to collect it all to use against Ultraman.[2]

In 2010, Oliver's fiancée was seemingly kidnapped by Clark Luthor, who was revealed to be Ultraman, who demanded an item in Oliver's possession. When they met up at a loft apartment in Metropolis, Oliver set his trap into action and exposed "Clark Luthor" to the radiation of the meteor rocks. However, Clark revealed himself to be a benevolent man named Clark Kent, from Earth-1.[2] After Clark Kent returned to Earth-1, Oliver married Lois and revealed Ultraman's secret identity to the public (while distributing meteor rocks to everyone in Metropolis). Because of this, Oliver was murdered by Clark Luthor.[3][4]


  • The most significant difference he has with the Oliver Queen of Earth-1 is that his hair is black instead of blond. Additionally, if you look closely, you will see that his eye color is navy. Justin Hartley is wearing colored contacts.