Quote1.png What suffers... learns to endure... and that which endures... knows how to... survive. Quote2.png
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Oliver Queen was the playboy son of a millionaire family.

He and his parents were on a boat that crashed, stranding him on a small island. He spent years here, surviving by honing himself into a more ruthless and capable man. Eventually he was rescued, and he came home to retake his company.

Settling in San Francisco, Oliver Queen was interested in seasteading: buying islands, enhancing them using his company's resources, and then selling or leasing them to the rich and powerful. However, he ran afoul of the local activists, who accused of doing something similar to their city: funding the election of authoritarian politicians, then flooding poor neighborhoods with guns and drugs, letting the police fight the locals and then buying up the land from the survivors and gentrifying it for a tidy profit.

All of this, however, hid Oliver's true secret - having proved his worth to himself by surviving on the island, he yearned for the chance to prove it again. He used his company's resources to recreate the island he had been stranded on, then kidnapped homeless veterans from the streets of San Francisco and released them onto the island, and hunted them down, proving his "worth" to himself by hunting down and killing them.

He became a target of Executive Protection Services, who wanted to secure his company's seasteading tech, which they believed could be used in terraforming, as well as securing his network of paid politicians. They put Michael Cray onto his trail, and when Oliver Queen fought him on the island, Cray crippled Oliver, leaving him open to be killed by a sniper seconds later.



  • Bow
  • Hunting Knife
  • Katana



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