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Olivia Desmond, also known as Nightbuster, is the young daughter of Blockbuster and Jezebel Jet. She is a huge fan of her father's archenemy Nightwing.


Before Olivia was born, her father sold his soul to Neron in exchange for greater intelligence. Shortly after her birth, he renegotiated his deal so that, when he died, Neron would take Olivia's soul rather than Blockbuster's. When Olivia was nine, her father was killed by Heartless. Neron's demons came for her but she was rescued by Nightwing, who was armed with escrima sticks enchanted by a fifth dimensional imp called Nite-Mite to hurt demons; and his dog Bitewing. Nightwing gave Olivia to Raven to protect her.[1]

Olivia getting away was a major humiliation for Neron, and made him appear weak which could have encouraged lesser demons to try and overthrow him. He enlisted a shapeshifter known as the Grinning Man to abduct her, but he was foiled by the Titans. During the fight Olivia punched the Grinning Man through the wall of a house.[2][3] Donna Troy, Starfire and Batgirl took Olivia to Themyscira to protect her while the other Titans went to Hell to find her father's contract with Neron. The heroines started to teach her to fight, and to her amazement Wonder Woman came to spar with her. However, "Wonder Woman" was in fact the Grinning Man, who kicked Olivia as hard as he could in revenge. The Grinning Man attacked them along with Gorilla Grodd and Doctor Polaris.[4]


Nightwing, who had been temporarily given superpowers by Neron, swooped in and saved them again. However, about two hours later an army of demons attacked Themyscira, trying to kill her. Nightwing flew away with Olivia, but as they were crossing a mountain range his powers wore off and they crashed to Earth in front of Neron, who was waiting for them. Neron offered to make Nightwing's powers permanent in exchange for Olivia, telling him that he could use them to help billions of people. Olivia told Nightwing she would understand if he took the powers, because she knew the world needed him, but Nightwing refused and used the last magic in his sticks to blast Neron. Neron reverted to his true form of a green tentacle monster and teleported back to Hell.

The Titans returned Olivia to Themyscira. Donna asked Olivia if she would like to stay on Themysicra, where the Amazons would love her and train her to be a hero; and Olivia happily accepted. Nightwing also told her they were making her an honorary Titan and hoped she would join them when she was old enough. He asked her if she had thought of a codename and she told him she had chosen the name "Nightbuster", as adding Nightwing's name to her dad's would really annoy him. She thanked them all for saving her, and Dick promised that he and Bitewing would visit her often.

Raven went to Hell and overthrew the weakened Neron, giving his throne to Blaze. In return, Blaze cancelled Olivia's debt, making her soul safe from the forces of Hell.[5]




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