Doctor Olivia Keller was an agent of International Operations.

Olivia Keller was a student at Torrance High in California when she was contacted by International Operations during career week. I.O. paid Olivia's way through M.I.T., but she was to join them the day they first made contact, and so she did. I.O. began training her the week after, and she specialised in quantum physics, theology and ritual magick. Because of her specialities, she was helping with a project which would resurrect the dead.

One day at work, after checking in, she made her way to where she needed to be, but noticed that she was the only one there. She stumbled across the Numbskulls, who had just decapitated everyone Olivia worked with. Lt. Poole then decapitated Olivia, adding her head to the pile of severed heads.

Sometime in the next day or two, Olivia's head was reattached to her body, and she was resurrected and given a cybernetic arm and additional cybernetics on her neck, and she made the newest recruit to the Numbskulls.


Cybernetic Enhancement



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