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The Omega Beams are powerful optic rays Darkseid uses.


The Omega Beams are powerful optic rays Darkseid uses.

New Earth

Darkseid gets his power from an energy called the Omega Effect. This energy allows him to emit Omega Beams which are powerful bio-electric energy beams that can be concentrated, and fired from his eyes which can lock into a target to ensure it never misses and disintegrate a selected target, however anything Darkseid destroys with them can be recreated with a thought. They are powerful enough to harm Kryptonians, destroy planets, and fast enough to catch speedsters. Both Darkseid and his father Yuga Khan possess the ability to generate Omega Beams, though Darkseid's Omega powers are inferior to those of her father. According Darkseid, his body could not contain the Omega Effect if it could not resist it.[1] Darkseid once boasted that no living being had ever withstood the full force of the Omega Effect, but Doomsday and Superman have both withstood the Effect. The Cyborg Superman has demonstrated a degree of resiliency to them as well. During Justice League: The Darkseid War, Grail was able to successfully destroy the bracelets of Wonder Woman, which were forged from the Olympian Aegis.

Another ability granted by the Omega Effect is the Omega Sanction, the Death that is Life, also known as "The Life Trap". The Omega Sanction, when inflicted on an individual, traps them in an endless succession of synthetic lives, each one more degrading and hopeless than the last. Darkseid has been known to have used this on Batman[2] and Shilo Norman.[3]

New 52

The effects of Darkseid's Omega beams in the new DC continuity have yet to change, it still maintains its more lethal processes of hideous atomic dissociation, trajectory arcing and phase shifting on a whim. Both Darkseid and his daughter Grail possess the ability to generate Omega Beams, though Grail's Omega powers are inferior to those of her father. Uxas even found a way to impart an offshot variation of his terrible power unto a clone of Superman he had created to aid him in his conquest and assimilation of Earth 2.[4] His wayward daughter born to the evil Amazon Myrina Black inherited her fathers power but the extent of her ability to use it, while remaining to be seen, are nonetheless impressive seemingly accomplishing what even Darkseid could not when she shattered Wonder Woman's Bracelets of Submission in one shot.[5] After Darkseid's death, Luthor temporarily took up the mantle as leader of Apokolips and obtained control of the Omega Effect.[6]

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