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The Omega Men are a team of extra-terrestrial freedom fighters who operate in the Vega system, one of the most dangerous sectors of the universe. They are the combined forces of rebels from several planets, who have joined together to fight tyranny and oppression. This has made them an extremely large number of enemies, and the group is frequently on the move and battling for their lives against a number of alien threats. They were founded by team leaders Primus and Tigorr.



The Omega Men hail from the Vegan star system, a star system with twenty-five habitable planets, which as of the early 1980s had been ruled for millennia by the Citadel, a race of warriors cloned from the First Citadellian, the demi-godlike son of X'Hal.

The Psions also accidentally created the goddess X'Hal by mutating an Okaaran woman who gave birth to twin sons Lambien and the First Citadellian. Her evil son, the nameless "First Citadellian," would turn the peaceful Okaarans into the Warlords of Okaara, and later clone the Citadellian race from his own cells. The Psions also accidentally created Nimbus when they separated him from his Branx host.

The Citadellians established a tyrannical regime based in a fortress moon known as the Citadel. The Citadel then set about to conquer the younger races of Vega. Originally, there were only two races in the Vegan star system, the primitive Branx and the warlike Okaarans, but the Psions used Okaaran DNA to create the other twenty-three races of Vega such as the Tamaraneans, Euphorixians, Aelloans, Karnans, and the Changralyns.

The Omega Men were assembled as a group of renegades and representatives of conquered Vegan worlds to fight Citadellian aggression. Prior to the events of Infinite Crisis, the team was based on the planet Kuraq. The Omega Men are important peacekeepers in their sector because the Green Lantern Corps is not allowed into Vegan space, due to a long standing agreement between the Guardians of the Universe and the Spider Guild.

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  • Originally, Marv Wolfman conceived the Omega Men as a band of ghosts with super-powers named the Outcasts. After several revisions, the team was renamed the Omega Men, and they became aliens instead of ghosts.[1]

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