The Omega Titans, also known as the "Four Brothers" on Colu and the "Four Mothers" on Mars, are eons-old entities believed to have created life in the universe. It was foretold that at the end of the universe, the Omega Titans would consume all life to determine which of their natures (Mystery, Entropy, Wisdom or Wonder) had had the most impact throughout the universe.

After the breaking of the Source Wall, the Omega Titans were unleashed and began to consume life on the planet Colu. In response, Brainiac formed four teams of Earth's heroes and villains to deal with the threat, Team Mystery, Team Entropy, Team Wisdom, and Team Wonder. The teams managed to load a cosmic seed with all four forms of energy and implanted it into the Omega Titan Entropy, causing the other Titans to devour their brother and ending the threat.[1]

The Justice League learned thanks to Starman that the Omega Titans were basically Perpetua's jailers and when the Source Wall was breached, they awakened in order to consume planets for energy to fix the Source Wall, a necessary sacrifice to keep Perpetua locked away. With help from the New Gods, the Green Lantern Corps, the remaining forces of the Thanagarian Empire and the Titans, the Justice League retrieve the remaining three Omega Titans and with Starman channelling the deceased Entropy Titan's power into Hawkgirl, they tried to fix the Source Wall. However, Brainiac and the Legion of Doom interfered and have used Perpetua's powers to finally destroy the Source Wall which have freed Perpetua from her prison, killing the remaining Omega Titans in the process.


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  • The Omega Titans greatly resemble Marvel comics "Celestials". The Celestials are a star-faring race of humanoid aliens who possess untold cosmic power. Standing two thousand feet tall, the Celestials are clad in full body armor.

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