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The Omega Titans, also known as the "Four Brothers" on Colu and the "Four Mothers" on Mars, are eons-old entities believed to have created life in the universe.


Immense and unfathomably old, approximately old as the universe, the Omega Titans were so far removed from the universe's living beings that their true motivation was inscrutable. What was popularly believed was that they had seeded the early universe with the four fundamental energies, and when the universe had come to an end, they would return to feast upon it.[1] In truth, they were created by the children of Perpetua in order to maintain her prison, awakened in order to consume planets for energy to fix the Source Wall, a necessary sacrifice to keep Perpetua locked away. [2]

When the Source Wall was prematurely cracked[3], their exact purpose was debated. Brainiac, the cynic, saw them as the end of the entire universe, which they would devour; while the optimist Starman saw their planetary ingestion as a necessary evil to build the power necessary to repair the Source Wall.

Each Titan embodied a fundamental energy of sentient life — Entropy, Mystery, Wisdom and Wonder — and each believed that their energy was dominant, and at the end of the universe they would return to take stock of which energy was greatest.[4]

The Titans would judge a planet by which Tree grew the largest — grown from the Cosmic Seeds they had planted — and on Colu that was the Tree Of Wisdom. Once it sprouted, the Omega Titan Wisdom loomed over the planet, waiting to feed.[4]

In response, Brainiac formed four teams of Earth's heroes and villains to deal with the threat, Team Mystery, Team Entropy, Team Wisdom, and Team Wonder. Despite their best efforts to balance the four forces, the Wisdom Titan enveloped the planet in its armor and devoured it. Because Brainiac had previously hidden a Cosmic Seed on Earth, that became the Omega Titans next meal.[5]

The teams managed to find and load a Cosmic Seed with all four forms of energy and implanted it into the Omega Titan Entropy, causing the other Titans to devour their brother and ending the threat.[6]

With help from the New Gods, the Green Lantern Corps, the remaining forces of the Thanagarian Empire and the Titans, the Justice League retrieved the remaining three Omega Titans and with Starman channelling the deceased Entropy Titan's power into Hawkgirl, they tried to fix the Source Wall. However, Brainiac and the Legion of Doom interfered and used Perpetua's powers to finally destroy the Source Wall which freed Perpetua from her prison — killing the remaining Omega Titans in the process.[7]

The Titans' remains fell into the Dark Multiverse, but Perpetua gathered them and coalesced them into one being called the "Omega Knight", which did her bidding.[8]


  • Nigh-Omnipotence: The Omega Titans possesses immeasurable cosmic powers, capable of absorbing the energy of entire galaxies and crushing the Earth with a fist. Each of the titans embodies one of the fundamental forces of the sentient life of the universe: Wisdom, Wonder, Entropy and Mystery. Beings like Superman and Wonder Woman are nothing but mere insects for them. Their true forms are implied to be made of pure energy.[4]


Equipment: Armor: Impregnable, the armor is said to predate the known universe.[1] The Omega Titans can consume planets by opening their armor and pulling planets within, absorbing their respective energy from the world.[5]

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