Omen is a celestial being who appeared before Ultra Boy and the Legionnaires after being unintentionally summoned by his Prophet.

Omen, a being of nearly unimaginable power, observed the ending of lives but did nothing to save them. When he observed one lone survivor later leaving the planet of Trewsk, his curiosity was aroused enough to keep the creature from death and transform him into the Prophet.[1]

When the Legionnaires arrived to the planet of Trewsk, they were met by the Prophet of the Omen. He warned of the Omen's coming. After Prophet later left to Khundia, the Omen soon arrived later. After not seeing Prophet, Omen attacked the Legionnaires.[2]

In his original state, he was not shown to speak. Yet, after absorbing the soul of Prophet, he was able to gain the ability of speech. He is sucked into a void similar to black hole after Dream Girl detonates a "negation bomb" used by the Khunds. It is not known if he died or was teleported away, but he was never seen again.[3]



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