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The Omniverse was created countless eons ago by the The Source of all Existence, the very first being in all of Creation. It also birthed a race of Omega-Class entities, the so-called The Hands, also referred to as Super-Celestials, who were tasked to create the Multiverses.

The Omniverse, also referred to as the greater Omniverse or Overvoid.[1] is the embodiment of Existence itself and is the collection of every Multiverse, universe and dimension that ever came to exist, actually exists and will ever exist in the future.

It was born countless eons ago by the Source of All Things who is also its supreme ruler.[2] The Omniverse is composed of an infinite number of multiverses, including the "main" DC Multiverse, The Dark Multiverse, the Animated Multiverse, and the Wildstorm Multiverse which are agglomerations of infinite realities.


The Omniverse was created countless eons ago by the The Source of all Existence, the very first being in all of Creation. It also birthed a race of Omega-Class entities, the so-called The Hands, also referred to as Super-Celestials, who were tasked to create the Multiverses.

Every Multiverse would have been made by every hand according to the rule that, once they had finished their job to create the existence, they should die or move on into the Omniverse to create a whole other Multiverse; the true goal of each Multiverse would be the achievement of the perfect harmony between every being in the infinite realities that made up the Multiverse.[1] However, each Multiverse eventually has to reach its inevitable ending.[2]

The Source then chose a series of cosmic guardians among the Hands, the Judges, including the Raptor, that would check on each Multiverse so that, if its balance of Good and Evil would shift from Justice to Doom, they would enact a Cosmic Judgement and destroy the Multiverse for good. According to Perpetua, the greatest sin in all the Omniverse is to reach beyond what you are meant to know.[1]

The Source also created a special being, the Chronicler, in order to record the histories of dying Multiverses, including their moments of destruction, into a special book that It gifted to him, the Codex Omniversa.[2]

The Creation of Perpetua and the DC Multiverse

Eons ago, the Source created the female Hand, Perpetua to whom He gifted seven Cosmic Powers that she would use to create her own Multiverse. Twenty billions years ago, Perpetua made up a supreme reality, the Sixth Dimension, from where she modeled three different realms which she assigned to one of her newly born children: a realm of dark matter that would shape all the creation which she assigned to Alpheus; an infinite orrery of realities that would have been monitored by Mar Novu; an antimatter universe, which would have been ruled by Mobius, that would divide her Multiverse from the Omniverse itself.

However, despite having fulfilled her role of creator as Mar Novu pointed to her, Perpetua chose to not leave the Multiverse, retiring herself to enact her masterplan. In fact, Perpetua began experimenting on various species in order to create a race of Apex Predators who she would eventually use to invade other Multiverses and claim them for herself. Five billion years later, Perpetua completed her task to create the army of perfect soldiers by mixing the DNA of the inhabitants of planet Earth with that of the residents of a nearby planet in the Prime Universe.

As his mother was behaving strangely since the very beginning, Mar Novu had been observing nearby Multiverses so he was able to notice that their original creators all left as the Source ordered them. Eventually, Novu confronted Perpetua and discovered her resistance army, realizing that it would change the balance of the Universe and led the Judges of the Source to destroy their reality: her real plan was to use the Apex Predators to face the Cosmic Judgement and began her crusade against the other Hands.

Novu managed to escape an attack of the Apex Predators so he began plotting with his brothers to warn the Judges about his mother's intentions. Two thousand years later, the three Brothers built a Multiverse Tuning Fork to send a distress call into the Omniverse, hoping that the signal would reach the Judges. As they were ambushed by Perpetua and her army and just before they could slaughter them, the Judges sent one of them, the Cosmic Raptor, who punished Perpetua by sealing her and the Totality of her power into the void, building a Source Wall from the bodies of her Apex Predators, to use as an eternal prison until, one day, the final Judgement would come for the universe.

The Source Wall became the new boundary between the Multiverse and the greater Omniverse, making the Antimatter Universe obsolete and causing a rift between Mar Novu and Mobius, self-called Anti-Monitor,[1] that would later led to the First Crisis.

Years later, from Crisis to Crisis,[1] the Multiverse reshaped itself around the Prime Universe, which was itself a sentient reality that would eventually be referred to as the Metaverse.[3] Meanwhile, into the realm of Alpheus, its "puppet", Barbatos, rebelled against him and stopped destroying the decaying universes, forming a whole new Multiverse, the Dark Multiverse, made up by the nightmares of the residents of the "positive" Multiverse.[1]

Dark Nights: Death Metal

As a consequence of the Batman who Laughs' conquer of Earth 0 and the creation of the Metalverse[4], Vril Dox began sending signal into the greater Omniverse to escape the Multiverse's incoming end.[2]

During the final battle between Perpetua and the Darkest Knight, as the Multiverse was coming towards its end, the Chronicler came from the Omniverse to record its incoming death: his arrival was registered by Vril Dox who prepared to strike a deal with him for his own survival. After meeting up with the Psycho Pirate, Chronicler discovered the long history of the Multiverse, wondering why a place of heroes and fairy tales managed to corrupt itself to the brink of destruction: he realized that the Multiverse and its residents were different from every other being the other Multiverses and came to believe that they are eternal and deserved to exist out there into the Omniverse.[2]

Later, after the death of Perpetua at the hands of the Darkest Knight[5], the Dark Batman revealed to Wonder Woman his true intentions: the once-Batman who Laughs wanted to use the infinite power he was channelling from the Dark Multiverse to murder the Hands as they come to the Multiverse to destroy it and, eventually, began his own campaign to conquer the Omniverse. Despite knowing she would die anyway, Wonder Woman prevented the Hands' death by murdering the Darkest Knight at the End of Time: the Hands chose to spare Diana and the rest of the Multiverse's residents as a reward for her selflessness. They also restored to the existence every iterations of the Multiverse, creating a web of multiverses, an "omniverse" into the greater Omniverse, which Wally West referred to as the Infinite Frontier.[6]

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  • Vril Dox/Brainiac speculated that information is the real currency of the Omniverse.[2]

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