One-Eye was a student of Hans Leckter's Academy for Advanced Children and a leader of Leckter's unofficial metahuman team the Zen Men.

One-Eye and the other students allowed themselves to be arrested by the Meta Militia for opposing the Metahuman Act, as per order from Hans Leckter's pacifist views. Once arrested and imprisoned at a concentration camp, One-Eye couldn't bear to live through the rough and terrible conditions and allowed himself to joined the Meta Militia, but also the reason for concerning for his family. Though, after Hans Leckter lost his children to the camp's guards, One-Eye purposely deactivated his former mentor's inhibitor chip and urged him to act as he thought best. With this Leckter cause a prison break and joined Lord Havok's Extremists.

Years later, One-Eye was among the Meta Miltia that attacked Extremists-controlled Slovekia. His fate following the Meta Milita being massacred by the Extremists remains unknown.


Optic Beams

  • One-Eye is a pastiche of the Marvel Comics character Cyclops.



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