One Year Later is a DC Comics publication event that crossed through every series in 2006. In the aftermath of the Infinite Crisis event, every series in the DC Universe leaped forward in chronology by a year's time and the missing year was simultaneously published as the series 52.




The Atom




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Batman and Robin return to Gotham City after a year away training. Their first case is a serial killer who murders the super-villains KGBeast, Magpie, Orca and the Ventriloquist. Harvey Dent is framed for the murder, and this drives him to return to the Two-Face personality. It's revealed that the actual murderer was a new Tally Man working for the Great White Shark, who has become Gotham's new kingpin running the city from inside Arkham Asylum. Despite these setbacks, Batman and Robin spend their first month back eliminating virtually all super-crime in the city.[1][2]

Birds of Prey


Blue Beetle


Captain Marvel


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The Flash


Freedom Fighters


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Green Arrow


Green Lantern


Green Lantern Corps




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Justice League


Justice Society


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Legion of Super-Heroes




Martian Manhunter







The Outsiders have faked their own deaths to operate completely in secret. They reveal their existence again during a mission involving child soldiers in Mali.[3] Dictator Ratu Bennin unleashes a metahuman assassin when they discover his weapons of mass destruction.[4] The speedster sent to kill them is revealed to be a younger and evil Jay Garrick clone.[5]



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Robin is framed for the murder of Batgirl when Lynx turns up dead in her costume. To rescue the real Cassandra Cain he's forced to break David Cain out of Blackgate. It's revealed that Cassandra was the mastermind behind this plan and has turned evil, killing Nyssa Raatko to become leader of the League of Assassins. Robin is able to fight back against her and clear his name while he and David Cain escape with their lives.[6]



The Spectre




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Teen Titans


Cyborg awakens from his year-long coma to find the Teen Titans splintered with Kid Devil, Ravager, Robin and Wendy and Marvin the only remaining members. They approach Beast Boy and Wonder Girl to rejoin the team but Wonder Girl has become independent and Beast Boy has gone back to the Doom Patrol. Together they take down the Brotherhood of Evil and Wonder Girl comes back but Beast Boy stays with his family, now that Mento has deposed the Chief to become their leader. It's revealed that in his grief Robin is trying to clone Superboy to bring him back, and he shares a grief-stricken kiss with Wonder Girl.[7] The team had a turn over of more than 20 members in the year.[8]

Wonder Woman



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