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Onimar Synn is an ancient Thanagarian demon who was defeated centuries ago. He returned in the modern day and took over Thanagar once again and ruled it with an iron fist.

After returning to the throne, he was confronted by Hawkman and supposedly killed by him during a war. Synn somehow survied and returned yet again. This time, he took particular interest in the Dark Multiverse. He was visited by Green Lantern and Mr. Terrific who were looking for Nth Metal to fight Barbatos but refused to help them because he was not concerned about Earth and had his own protection. They attacked each other but Plastic Man used his powers to defeat Synn's army and they retreated after stealing some Nth metal.[1]

Sometime after Barbatos' defeat, Synn discovered that there was a new isotope of Nth Metal on Earth, in the chest of Firebrand. He sent his forces, led by General Phade to confront them. However, Firebrand escaped with the help of Neon. As a result, Synn went to confront them directly, but they escaped again by summoning a Brontadon. Synn then transformed it into his own puppet, and used it and Phade's forces to attack Neon and Firebrand again. However, he failed again and Neon teleported them hundreds of feet into the air. Synn survived, but did not save his men or Phade as punishment for their failure. He then once again tracked down Neon and Firebrand, except now they had gone to Castle Frankenstein where they found Synn's longtime enemy, Hawkman. Synn arrived and devoured Firebrand's soul, and Neon followed her soul into Synn's body. There, inside the body, he pulled out Firebrand's soul before it was absorbed and discovered that all the souls of people Synn killed were trapped inside crystals. Neon shattered all the crystals, putting all the tormented souls to rest, and without the souls, Synn was finally destroyed.[2]





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