Quote1 Guilty as charged... and as ordered! I sssubmit this formally encoded plea. Sssurely, Captain you don't believe that anything but orders would make me harm my friends the Legionnairessss? Quote2
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Ontiir of Tsauron was a Dark Circle agent who was able to infiltrate the Science Police.

He was promoted to Science Police Commander for Weber's World during the Earth War Saga,[1] but quickly betrayed them when they found out about his true alliance. When he was put on trial by the United Planets, the Dark Circle crashed into the courtroom and teleported themselves, and Ontiir, to a satellite orbiting the sun. They presented Ontiir with evidence indicating that he was a double agent sent to spy on them, and that he was really working for the Science Police. The Circle members gave Ontiir a knife and ordered him to prove his loyalty by giving them his secrets, and then have him commit suicide. Their interrogation became complicated when Supergirl, Sun Boy, Brainiac 5 and Chief Officer Zendak burst into the Circle's courtroom. When Ontiir shot at the Circle's chief with a blaster, he himself was shot dead by Chief Zendak. The Dark Circle broke off hostilities, declaring that they have nothing to fight over anymore since Ontiir was now dead.[2]

It was later revealed that Chief Zendak only shot a clone of Ontiir, as the Dark Circle agents are merely clones of the original five founding members, each cloned into the hundreds which created their empire.[3]




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