Onyx Adams is a member of the Outsiders.

Dismissively, Golgotha orders Onyx of the Fist Clan to demonstrate her loyalty to the Spear Clan by killing Simon. To his dismay, she refuses, claiming that her clan is stronger than his and that she will no longer be taking orders from him. Easily, she snaps his spear in two, and before he can grab up the remains to defend himself, Simon's arrow pierces his hand.

Later, she warns Simon that their perimeter has been breached via the roof. Soon, Oliver is overrun by the spear and arrow clans, and dragged to the feet of Onyx, who is unimpressed by his attempt to overcome them on his own. Staunchly, Oliver responds that whatever plan they'd had involving the Sarin gas has been thwarted by now. Smirking, she responds that the Sarin was only the Spear Clan's payload.

Later, Onyx orders the loyal clans to kill all of the intruders. Seeing Komodo escaping with Emiko, Robert sends Shado to go after her, but she refuses to leave him again. Angrily, he tells her to go, as Magus spots Onyx making a break for it. He warns that whatever the Outsiders were planning, it must be stopped. While the rogue clans hold back the Outsiders' clans, Oliver abandons them to seek out Komodo while Katana chases Onyx.

Katana is pursuing Onyx. As she hurries to the waiting freighter, Onyx has her men hold Katana off - but fists are little help against the Soultaker Sword. Unfortunately, the freighter is on the move before she is done cutting them to ribbons. Worriedly, Magus warns her that she must get onto the freighter, lest it carries a similar chemical payload to the other freighter Oliver stopped earlier. Making a desperate leap, Katana manages to get on board before it's too late, but Onyx is waiting for her. Onyx has already left with the second payload. By this time tomorrow, Europe will be on its knees, and the Outsiders will rise.

On the freighter, Onyx suggests that Katana relinquish the Soultaker in exchange for a chance to be a part of her clan. Katana responds that if Onyx wants her sword, she should take it, thrusting the blade through her opponent's foot. Stunned by the pain, she is too slow to stop Katana from slicing off her coveted fist. Grimly, Katana places the tip of the blade to Onyx's throat and suggests that she relinquish her clan's totemic weapon and admit defeat in exchange for her life. Grasping her bloody stump, Onyx admits defeat and begs mercy, which Katana is happy to give. However, she kicks the woman's severed hand overboard, and Onyx is so attached to it that she leaps over the side of the freighter to catch it, splashing into the water.




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