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Quote1.png As a creature eats what it does not need, avarice consumes all it touches. Quote2.png
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Ophidian, the Entity of Avarice, is the physical embodiment of greed born from The White Light of creation.

For the majority of its existence, the Avarice Entity has been sealed within the Orange Lantern Central Power Battery. It entices and lures its wielder into coveting the battery more than anything else in existence, even life itself. The Orange Lantern Corps wields the power of avarice and is led by Agent Orange, a.k.a. Larfleeze, the only living member of the Orange Lantern Corps. Other than Lex Luthor, all the other members of the Orange Lantern Corps are orange energy constructs of those slain by the Orange Light and reborn as Orange Lanterns whose former selves have been perverted by the avarice light. Those who wield the Orange Light are infected by the light's insatiable appetite for anything and everything. One must "Want it all" to wield the Orange Light.


The Avarice entity is greed incarnate with all of avarice's power at its disposal.

The Avarice Entity currently resides within the battery and speaks only to its wielder, enticing them to covet the battery more than anything else in existence (As recently revealed in an interview with Geoff Johns).

In Green Lantern Vol 4 52 it is alluded to that the Avarice Entity was the snake in the Garden of Eden; as evident by the serpent in the tree slithering next to the shiny red fruits.

  • Ophidian is another term for a snake, and derives from the Greek word όφις/óphis, "serpent".