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Optiman was the leader of the Justice 9.

A strange, noble alien visitor to Earth 36 with powers and abilities far beyond those of humanity.[1] While the foremost hero of his world, even with the aid of his team Justice 9 he proved not to be the equal of the monstrous Superdoomsday of Earth 45, who killed and subsequently devoured the champion,[2] leaving his allies in disarray. He was turned into a zombie by The Gentry during their attack on the Multiverse, battling Justice 9.[3]



  • Optiman is an homage to Ultiman of Big Bang Comics, who was a pastiche of Superman.
  • A hero of very similar appearance fought with the Supermen of the Multiverse against Mandrakk; this, alongside creator Evan Shaner's note of having to "update" Optiman's costume for his appearance in the Multiversity Guidebook,[4] indicates he had a counterpart in the pre-Flashpoint Multiverse.
  • The Multiversity Guidebook notes Optiman's "apparent" death at the hands of Superdoomsday, suggesting the possibility that he, like his Earth 0 counterpart, may have somehow survived or be capable of being resurrected from his evident demise.



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