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The Order of Assassins was organized in the Late 11th Century, in the mountains of Persia and Syria, by grand master Hassan-i Sabbah.


This individual was an extremely capable tactician, strategist, leader, alchemist, hypnotist, and terrorist. His agents carried out espionage and assassination for about 300 years, and killed two caliphs, and an unknown number of viziers, sultans, and Crusader leaders. The order of Assassins was eventually destroyed by invading Mongols, in 1275, or so it is widely believed.


  • In the late 1930s, the Society of Assassins got into a conflict with roving American adventurer Captain Desmo, and suffered some severe setbacks.[1]
  • In 1940, a series of attempts were made to assassinate U.S. President Roosevelt, the King of Emporia, and the Premier of Frappe. The Order of Assassins was behind all this, under the leadership of Hassan Ibn Sadah, a namesake descendant of the founder of the Sect. Hawkman learned of it from a U.S. secret agent, Ione Craig, who gave him a map of Alamut, the Assassins' legendary secret fortress. They traveled there, and Hawkman fought his way into the throne room, where he killed Hassan Ibn Sadah, with a slingshot.[2]

Quality Universe

In 1946 the Assassin Brotherhood attempted to overthrow the monarchy of Badarstan, but instead encountered Blackhawk, and were entirely defeated. Their leader was killed in a swordfight with Blackhawk.[3]

New Earth

In the early 21st Century, Superman encountered an enigmatic supervillain calling himself Khyber, who convincingly claimed to have been the immortal, original Hassan-I-Sabbah.[4]

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