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The Order of Purity was a group of dissidents from the Order of St. Dumas.


They shared the same beliefs, but Dumas' methods of enforcing their law and passing on their faith was frowned upon by the Order of Purity and thus, they separated themselves from the Order of Dumas and started their own sacred organization. However, following Dumas' beliefs of having an enforcer and protector, they designed an armor that would be used only by their chosen champion, who they named Azrael, exactly like Dumas' Avenging Angel. The armor was named the Suit of Sorrows and its weapons were the Sword of Salvation and the Sword of Sin.[1]

For years, the Order of Purity worked in secret, but their status was always in peril as all of those who had been chosen to be their champions, have gone mad, placing the organization in peril of being discovered. In order to keep their secrecy, they always changed their selected champion, whenever the current one started showing signs of instability.

Gotham Faction

However, as time passed, the Suit of Sorrows was taken from them by Ra's al Ghul, who later gave it to Batman and was kept in the Batcave until the Order managed to recover it.

Their last champion, Abraham Arlington was responsible for retrieving the Suit of Sorrows, but with time he became crazed and started killing innocent civilians and law enforcers. The Order decided that it was time for a change and they summoned Michael Lane to be their new Azrael. In the ceremony where Lane was being introduced to the Order, they were attacked by the Seven Men of Death, who killed some of the Order's leaders until they were stopped by Lane, who had become the Order's new Azrael.[1]

During the attack, the leader of the Gotham's faction of the Order, Leland McCauley was killed, but using their influences, they managed to keep his death a secret to those outside the Order. Afterwards, it was revealed that they had placed Arlington, the previous Azrael, in a mental hospital.[2]

When Lane threatened them, they were forced to give him Leland McCauley's Brownstone as his own base of operations in exchange for his loyalty to the Order.[3]




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