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Quote1 Right, see when you said training I thought you meant wielding tridents, and doing cool stuff in the water. Quote2
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A.C. is the prince of Atlantis, coming of age in Florida.

Ten Years ago

Atlanna Curry and her young son, Arthur are piloting a small plane over the Bermuda Triangle. Suddenly she loses radio contact with her husband, Tom, as glowing columns of light burst from the water below, shearing the plane in half. The plane plummets down into the water below. Atlanna, demonstrating remarkable physical strength, pulls her son free from the plane and prepares to push him out the hatch. In their last moments together, Atlanna calls her son Orin and gives him a small Seahorse-shaped pendant. As the boy is swept away by the current, a mysterious creature bursts into the hull of the plane and attacks Atlanna.

Ten years later

Arthur Curry is arrested for breaking into the Neptune World theme park and rescuing five dolphins. His adoptive father, Coast Guard officer, Tom Curry, shows up to bail him out of jail. Shortly thereafter, A.C. returns to his boat, the Quint, and the dive-shop that he co-owns with a woman named Eva. Eva asks him about the theme park incident, and A.C. confesses to sharing an empathic relationship with marine animals. Eva dismisses his wild claims.

Later, at the Tempest Key Naval Airforce Base, an officer gives pilot Lieutenant Rachel Torres an assignment to scout a section of the Bermuda Triangle near Mercy Reef. Rachel asks why she was picked for the assignment, but her superior informs her that the request came from "on high".

Torres takes her jet out over Mercy Reef where she begins tracking an undersea object moving quickly just below the waves. She does not realize that what she is tracking is actually A.C. Suddenly, a column of light bursts from the water and Torres' plane crashes into the sea. A.C. rescues her and brings her to the Tempest Key Hospital.

Meanwhile a government agent named Brigman, working for a top-secret operation named Project: Nautilus begins investigating strange occurrences related to the Bermuda Triangle. The first of which involves an Air Force ensign named Gus Thompson whose F-5 disappeared on December 5th, 1945. Thompson has recently resurfaced at Tempest Key Hospital, appearing no older than he did over sixty years ago. Further, he also possesses a seahorse-shaped medallion, similar to the one that A.C. wears.

A.C. visits Tempest Key Hospital to check up on Lieutenant Torres. While there, he finds Ensign Thompson who refers to him by the name Orin. Thompson cryptically tells A.C. that they "know he escaped". Before A.C. can question the patient any further, the government agent arrives and takes Thompson away.

Later, a siren named Nadia arrives in Tempest Key and tracks A.C. to the Quint. Although she at first appears human, she shape shifts into a monster and rakes A.C. with her claws. They continue fighting in the water, and their struggle brings them to a lighthouse at Atlas Point. A lighthouse keeper named McCaffery runs out and drives the creature away.

Nursing A.C.'s wounds, McCaffery reveals that he knows A.C.'s true heritage. He is actually Orin, prince of the mythical undersea city of Atlantis. A.C. does not believe him at first, but McCaffery reveals that he is responsible for bringing Atlanna and young Orin to Mercy Reef over ten years ago.

Nadia captures Orin and McCaffery and imprisons them on the Quint. She begins tugging the boat out across the sea with the intention of bringing it back to Atlantis. A.C. frees himself and fights with Nadia. McCaffery tosses him a harpoon, which A.C. then uses to destroy the siren once and for all.



  • This version of the character is exclusive to the continuity of the Aquaman (2006 Pilot) and is an adaptation of Aquaman. The original character was created by Mort Weisinger and Paul Norris and first appeared in More Fun Comics #73.
  • Arthur "A.C." Curry was portrayed by Justin Hartley. The young A.C. was portrayed by Graham Bentz.



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