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Aquaman was the King of Atlantis and a reserve member of the Justice League.


Orin was born from a mysterious wizard named Atlan, and Atlanna, the Queen of Atlantis. When Orin was born, his fair hair was thought to be the mark of an ancient curse, so he was left to suffocate on an exposed reef. But unlike other Atlanteans, he can breathe air as well as water, so he survived. He was found by a Dolphin named Porm, who raised and mothered him. In adulthood, he discovered his true Atlantean heritage and becomes the Aquaman.[1]

Conflict with Luthor

Aquaman was regarded as an urban legend. He eventually comes into conflict with Lex Luthor when one of his undersea construction plans starts causing damage to Atlantis. Orin tries to stop the tests peacefully, but he was captured by Luthor. The reporter Lois Lane finds Orin in a LexCorp's institute, but she is also captured and taken to be killed with him, but Orin managed to escape with Lois. He almost attacks the surface world with his army, but Superman dissuades him from doing so. When Aquaman tries to leave, one of Luthor's men tries to shoot him in the back, and Aquaman's army in turn destroys Luthor's vessel. Orin advises Superman to make sure the surface dwellers show more respect to the oceans in the future.[2]

The Enemy Below

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Aquaman takes on the Justice League

Orm aka Ocean Master is also Atlan's son, by an inuit woman. He feels that everything of Orin was his. They seem fated to clash. Legends say that from generation to generation, brothers will always battle for the Throne of Atlantis. At some point, Orin married Mera, and they later had a son; Arthur, Jr..

Aquaman was almost killed by Deadshot, but the killer was stopped by the Justice League. In a plot managed by his evil brother, Aquaman lost his hand when he cut it off with his belt emblem in order to free himself and save his son from falling into an underwater volcanic cavern. He eventually defeats Orm and became a resever member of the Justice League.[1][3][4]

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The Future

Shortly after the birth of his daughter, Mareena, the infant princess was kidnapped by the Deep Six and taken to Apokolips. While Aquaman was able to rescue his daughter, the experience led to him becoming an overprotective father. When she grew up, Mareena snuck away and became his spiritual successor "Aquagirl." Arthur didn't approve of her joining Justice League Unlimited, so he forced her choose between her new life and her family, banishing her from Atlantis when she decided to move to Metropolis.[5]



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