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Orin was a man who, in the original timeline, became the superhero known as Aquaman.

He along with Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, Captain Atom, and Cyborg helped the Flash defeat the Reverse Flash and his Rogues Gallery members, who caused trouble in the Flash Museum with the Reverse Flash setting up bombs that would destroy the Flash along with the Rogues Gallery and the Flash Museum. Aquaman top the villain known as the Top to the ocean and there telepathically commanded millions of aquatic microbes to defuse the bomb attached to the villain's belt before it detonated.

In the alternate timeline created by the Flash, Aquaman ruled Atlantis with his wife Mera and established an alliance between the Atlanteans and the Amazons. Soon after, Aquaman had an affair with Wonder Woman, which angered his wife to the point where she risked her life confronting her rival in a duel that only Wonder Woman walked away from. Wonder Woman most likely kept Mera's head as a trophy, sent her headless body back to Atlantis and kept her crown as a warning. It was because of her death that the Atlanteans broke their alliance with the Amazons and both waged war on each other.

In the present day, Aquaman's Atlantean forces had captured Captain Atom and had Vulko harness his quantum power to be used as a weapon of mass destruction. The first use of the weapon caused much of western Europe to sink into the ocean while leaving the British Isles untouched, mostly due to the Amazonian magic protecting the region. When Deathstroke led a ship full of mercenaries to find out where Aquaman was hiding this weapon, Aquaman's forces decimated the entire ship and its crew, with tech genius Lex Luthor being the last to die, but not before transmitting the coordinates to the United States Army.

Eventually Aquaman led a final assault upon what was now known as New Themyscira, with himself dealing personally with Wonder Woman, although before that confrontation he had to deal with Cyborg and his team of heroes interfering with the war. Aquaman tore apart Cyborg and was ready to deal a death blow to him when Kal-El the Kryptonian used his heat vision to sever Aquaman's right arm from his body. With Wonder Woman beating Aquaman into deathly submission and forcing him to surrender, Aquaman activated the quantum power weapon to deny his opponent any satisfaction of victory before he breathed his last, destroying the world in the process. And more his crime against humanity are erased after Flash stop his double for change into alternate timeline.





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