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Aquaman is an Atlantean superhero and ally of the Blur.

Early Life

The son of lighthouse keeper, Tom Curry, and an Atlantean woman.[3] Arthur Curry's mother died when he was just a baby, which resulted in the origin of the boy's powers being kept a secret from him, during his upbringing.[4]

After finishing High School, A.C. went to the University of Miami, to study marine biology, and joined the university's swim team. However, A.C. got into problem with the law, after he got caught breaking into a marine research facility, but not before he managed to release eight dolphins.[4]

Season Five

In late summer of 2005, A.C. traveled to Smallville, to investigate and stop a LuthorCorp marine experiment, that endangered marine life. However, while in Crater Lake he encountered and saved Lois Lane from drowning. While doing this, he also ran into and was spotted by Clark Kent. When A.C. returned to Crater Lake, to blow up the marine weapon, that LuthorCorp had developed, his plan was foiled by Clark and the two briefly fought in Crater Lake.[4]

After both men calmed down, A.C. agreed to go with Clark and try to ask Lex Luthor to shut down the weapon. However, this did little more than to put A.C. on Lex's radar. Lex had already discovered that there had been someone with superhuman abilities, near the weapon. His encounter with A.C. convinced Lex, that A.C. was that someone. So, Lex had A.C. kidnapped and taken to a lab near Crater Lake. A.C. managed to break free, after Clark set off the lab's sprinkler systems, restoring A.C. to full strength. Having realized his mistake, Clark helped A.C. destroy the weapon.[4]

Season Six

With his identity exposed by Lex, A.C. chose to abandon his life in Miami and to travel the sea.[4] Some months later, A.C. got into some trouble, when he tried to sink a whaler near Japan and was saved by Oliver Queen. Oliver later recruited A.C. for a team, that Oliver was assembling, to take down a project run by their mutual enemy, Lex Luthor. A.C. was given a wetsuit and assigned the codename "Aquaman".[5]

Season Eight

After Clark, Lex and Chloe Sullivan disappeared, A.C. joined the rest of the team, in the search for them. However, A.C., alongside Dinah Lance, ended up being captured by LuthorCorp. After this incident, the team decided to split up for a while and A.C. returned to the sea.[6]

Season Ten

At some point, over the next two years, A.C. encountered Mera, who helped A.C. understand his true origin and his destiny to become king of the seven seas. By 2010, A.C. had married Mera and begun attacking VRA facilities. These direct and violent attacks, prompted concern from other members of the team. A.C. soon found himself captured in one VRA facility, alongside Oliver, but they were both saved by Clark and Mera.[7]

Shortly after this, A.C. attended the funeral of Carter Hall, where he and the rest of the team were captured by the Department of Domestic Security.[8] Together with the others, A.C. was put in a virtual world, where he was lead to believe that his powers had been taken from him. However, with the aid of Chloe and the Suicide Squad, A.C. and the others managed to escape.[9]




  • Water Deprivation[4]

  • Arthur Curry was born 1986.[4]
  • While the character wasn't officially introduced until season 5, the character had made a cameo appearance in season one. In the episode "Hourglass", a vision of Lex's future shows Aquaman's emblem among a pile of skeletons.[2]



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