The Orinocas were a race of telepathic, warlike women who inhabited a city in the Mirror World. Their unit of currency was the goolah.


Sam Scudder stumbled upon their civilization after traveling to their world in a prison escape attempt. They originally were intent on killing him, having never seen anything like him before. However, they noticed a mirror he was carrying. Entranced by it, they decided to spare Scudder's life if he would make more mirrors for them. This he did, and he quickly became a local celebrity because of it. The Orinocas provided him with everything he wanted, including a new Mirror Master costume. Intent on returning to his criminal ways, he plotted a robbery. However, the Orinocas had read his mind, and provided him with everything he had intended to steal. Frustrated, Scudder devised a way of getting home by luring the Flash to the Mirror World. When he arrived, the Orinocas attacked him, but were easily defeated, causing the women to be even more impressed with him than they had been with Scudder. However, the Flash left, bringing Mirror Master with him.[1]



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