Quote1 I'm glad to see growing up with Highfather hasn't made you soft and weak. You make an old man proud. Quote2
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Orion was the son of Darkseid.

Trying to negotiate peace, Highfather and Darkseid exchanged sons. Orion was raised on New Genesis, and quickly became one of its best warriors.

Orion followed Darkseid's troop movements closely, and came to Earth to warn Superman of an impending invasion. He then returned to inform Highfather, but managed to return in time to stop the invasion, Darkseid seemed strangely pleased with his son's hatred. Earth had been declared a protectorate of New Genesis, and any attack on it was considered by Highfather to be an attack on New Genesis itself. Darkseid retreated, but vowed to return.

Orion later joined the expanded Justice League. He participated in Earth's defense against Amazo, as well as help foil a plot to kill the Flash. He was strangely absent when his father made his final strike against Earth.

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