Orion was the ruler of Apokolips.

Orion was born the son of Darkseid, the fearsome former ruler of Apokolips, who through a peace treaty with Izayah of New Genesis was raised on the peaceful world under its ruler while Izayah's son Scott Free was raised on Apokolips under the watchful eye of Granny Goodness. Orion continually fought with his actual father Darkseid over the years, seeking to free the citizens of Apokolips from his tyranny.

Orion eventually succeeded in killing Darkseid, but the victory left Apokolips' citizens paralyzed with a freedom that was more terrifying than the iron-hand rulership of Darkseid they came to know. They quickly sought for Orion to be the new ruler, which did little more than continue the state of despotism that they were used to, a thing which grieved him. His appearance became more like that of his father over-time.

As Superman's Justice League came to power on Earth to subdue all rogue metahumans, Kal-El sought Orion for his help in dealing with the metahumans that refused to submit to the will of the Justice League. Orion's suggestion of having the metahumans be deported to Apokolips, where he would personally deal with them, left Superman seeking answers from Scott Free and Big Barda.



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