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Orlan is a member of the second iteration of the Green Lantern Corps.

He is assigned to Sector 3897, which includes his home planet of Kahlo. A stoic individual, Orlan is a pragmatic man, and though he holds his home and family in high regard, he appears to possess a great disdain for the use of Kahlo's major export, Belamort. Notably, he dislikes the plant's psychotropic effects and the parasitic relationship that it has developed with many Kahloans, including his wife. Marika.

Orlan worked alongside fellow Corps member Hal Jordan in an investigation into the strange deaths that took place in the city of Kymera. Also assisting Orlan was the Phantom Stranger, who determined that the virus that wiped out the population center was supernatural in origin, and in some way connected to Earth.

Orlan and Hal Jordan encountered a group of off-world smugglers attempting to steal a cargo supply of Belamort. Hal took note of Orlan's aggressive behavior, particularly when the smugglers threatened the life of a fellow Lantern.


  • Indomitable Will: Orlan is a pragmatic man with a strong sense of will; a quality that makes him an adequate addition to the Green Lantern Corps.





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