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Orm Marius is the King of Atlantis, who hopes to unite all the undersea kingdoms and become Ocean Master. He is the son of Atlanna and her consort Orvax. He has an elder half brother, Arthur, who is considered a half-breed bastard. As such, Orm's claim to the throne is supported by the people.

Orm Marius was born the lawful son of King Orvax and Queen Atlanna of Atlantis and raised alongside Princess Mera of Xebel, becoming a great warrior under his chief advisor Vulko's guidance. Soon, he learned of his mother's illegitimate half-human child who was born before him and lost her mother to the Trench as a result, growing bitter towards his half-brother and hateful towards the surface world above for spoiling the oceans and by extension, their people.

Succeeding his father, he began forming a master plan of reunifying the fragmented underwater splinter kingdoms and destroy the world of men above, becoming an unrivalled trident combatant and becoming a war hero through a personal victory and a powerful warrior through his tutelage. Even with Atlanteans being captured by the Apokoliptian general Steppenwolf for the Mother Box under their guard, thus nearly endangering the planet to Darkseid's tyranny, but was ultimately saved by the Justice League's efforts.

To carry out his plan and become the leader of a unified Atlantean empire, he needed the support of four kingdoms.[1]




  • Trident of Orvax (Formerly)[1]



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