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Orvax Marius was the late king and decorated mariner captain of the Atlantean Naval Fleet.

He was chosen to duly wed Princess Atlanna and take kingship of Atlantis in a joint bid by the Aristocracy and Sea Force to better tithe and bind both factions. For the better part of a decade, this union would last peacefully and Orvax would father a son with Atlanna named Orm and, at an undisclosed later time, Tula, his illegitimate daughter and second child born of another woman.

But Orvax was neither a decent father nor spouse, any more than he was the most stable candidate chosen for monarchy. He quickly made enemies both outside his household as well as within as many could not tolerate his flippant and often erratic behavior. Even before becoming king, Orvax would regularly abuse his military status as much as he did his ex-wife, leading raids on surface dwelling ships causing the deaths of thousands. Being an adamant Atlantean xenophobe who hated airbreathing civilization, this was a well known and horrendous hobby of his. Whenever Atlanna would admonish him for these cruel acts; he would regularly beat and berate her in front of their first born.

One day his wife gathered enough courage to leave her miserable relationship and life as queen behind, in order to be with her first love and other son whom she met on the surface world. Orvax callously boasted of having already murdered both Tom and Arthur Curry in order to break her spirits, thinking this falsified news would keep her from leaving. Instead this enraged Atlanna enough to drive her Royal Scepter through his heart, killing him. When Orm came to the scene she made it look like an assassin's work as she cradled her son.



  • Swimming
  • Leadership: Having been both a commander and king who once ruled Atlantis 13 years prior to his demise.


  • Water Deprivation: Orvax, much like any Atlantean, cannot stand to be out of the water too long lest he dehydrates at an expedient rate.
  • Xenophobia: Orvax violently hated land-dwellers and enjoyed terrorizing them as a hobby.



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