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Osgood Rathaway was a wealthy businessman who owned a company near Keystone City, Kansas.

He and his family had a large mansion in a suburb north of the city.

His son, Hartley, became the costumed villain Pied Piper. Osgood and his wife, Rachel, tolerated his actions for a time, but eventually told Hartley he would not be allowed back home.

When Osgood got into some financial troubles with some men associated with the Turtle, he acquired an account book, hoping it to use it for leverage. The Turtle sent some of his agents to the Rathaway mansion to recover the book. Hartley, with some help from the Flash, defeated the men, redeeming him in Osgood and Rachel's eyes.[1]

Some time later, Osgood and his wife were murdered in their mansion near Central City[2] and all the evidence found in the crime scene seemed to point to their son, Hartley as the killer.[3]