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Osiris is the name of the Egyptian god of the Dead, and a superhero named Amon Tomaz; a member of the Black Marvel Family given incredible powers by Black Adam making him equivalent to Captain Marvel, Jr.. Osiris works hard to act as a hero, but his association with the Black Marvels has caused the world to view him as an anti-hero and eventually a villain. He's also the younger brother of Adrianna Tomaz, another superhero known as Isis. In the New 52, Amon was reinvented and subsequently killed as the man who resurrected Black Adam. Osiris has been a member of the Teen Titans and the Titans mercenaries.

Osiris was created by Geoff Johns, Greg Rucka, Grant Morrison, Mark Waid and Keith Giffen, first appearing in 52 Week #23. (2006)

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