Oswald's descent into crime began in his grandfather's time, when Henry Cobblepot opened a hotel chain to compete against the one owned by one Judge Solomon Wayne. The Wayne family hotel chain was, nonetheless, very successful. This didn't stop Stanley Cobblepot, Oswald's father, from sinking the family fortune into the hotel chain--which went bust. Oswald himself was attending boarding school in England, where he was mocked for his short size and homely, hunched-over appearance. He took to skipping class to go hang around criminals and, in doing so, picked up quite a colorful education. When he came back to Gotham City, he was penniless and nursing a grudge against the Wayne family, despite it being his own father's folly that cost the family wealth.

Using his knowledge of the criminal world and his own intelligence, Oswald established several successful businesses on both sides of the law, and then opened the Iceberg Lounge to try to establish himself as a member of high society. He has a grudge against the Joker ever since the Joker sprayed a waitress in the face with acid for spilling a drink on him, and maintains his vendetta against Bruce Wayne. The Iceberg Lounge is where many of the Penguin's illicit deals happened--he financially ruined a young Victor Zsasz by cheating at cards and, one night, he caught a man cheating the house and ordered him tortured in front of the crowd as an example. A friend of the victim picked up a glass liquor bottle and shoved the broken bottle into the Penguin's face, giving him an appearance of always wearing a twisted monocle. Because it's set into the bone all around his eye, no doctor will attempt to remove it because of the probably fatal results of doing so. The Penguin decided he doesn't mind it too much.

Much of the Bowery is owned by the Penguin, and he resisted the Arkham City project--until when he ordered his guards to shoot at police officers, killing three of them. Now publicly a criminal, he was put into Arkham City--but Professor Strange made a few deals with him.

He's a major antagonist of Arkham City, and wars for control of the prison against Two-Face and the Joker. He's based in the Pinkney Museum. The Penguin makes his first appearance trying to hit Bruce Wayne with some brass knuckles and earns a broken hand for his trouble. Later, he captures Mister Freeze and takes the scientist's Freeze Gun and uses it in his fight against Batman. When he's bested, Freeze exacts some revenge and then puts the Penguin in one of his own display cases to cool his heels for the rest of the game, while his turf and gang is mostly absorbed by Two-Face.


Normal human, physically.


Criminal and financial mastermind, expert hand-to-hand combatant.


Blind in his left eye. Not a seriously threatening physical combatant to Batman, once you make it past his firearms. Stubborn and refuses to back down, which can be used against him.




Umbrella gun, stolen Freeze gun, brass knuckles, an RPG/rocket-launcher.

Professor Hugo Strange manipulates Penguin into doing some things for him, and incidentally asks the Penguin if 'Napoleon Complex' means anything to him after the Penguin recounts another round of cruel and excessive retribution.

In addition to the bottle-bottom over his left eye, the Penguin has something set into the right side of his neck.



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