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Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot was a Gotham kingpin who used his affluent status for the various crimes he committed. He was known as a "gentleman of crime" executing them with class and elegance, along with bird-related themes. Unlike most Batman rogues, the Penguin was sane and in complete control of his actions. He later nestled himself down at the Iceberg Lounge, a legitimate club, but kept a shady business in the back room. He has had dealings with almost all of Batman's enemies.

Penguin was first confronted by Batman during his attempt to steal a valuable relic. Batman located his hideout and Penguin used some toxin to put Batman out of action. After being rescued by some kids, Batman recovered and Penguin followed them to the kids' home, where he fought Batman but was ultimately defeated and sent to jail.[1] After escaping, Penguin was summoned by Hugo Strange in order to buy the secret identity of Batman in an auction where Joker and Two-Face were also present. Eventually Batman captured all the criminals.[2]

Penguin "goes straight"

Penguin's next criminal caper was also foiled by Batman, although he managed to escape. However, Penguin was recaptured alongside other notorious criminals by the combined efforts of Batman and the GCPD.[3] When he got out of prison, Penguin tried to go straight when he started seeing the wealthy socialite, Veronica Vreeland. Unfortunately, Penguin realized he was being used and returned to his criminal ways.[4]

Penguin learned about Earl Cooper and his activities with Batman and he kidnapped Cooper's daughter, Marva, in order to blackmail Cooper and get easy access to the Batmobile's controls.[5] Subsequently, Penguin stole a weaponized prototype vehicle from WayneTech and terrorized the city, leaving Batman blind in the process. Despite his efforts, Penguin was stopped by the Dark Knight in both occasions.[6]

Following an altercation with Batman's protege Robin,[7] Penguin needed extensive surgery, resulting in Oswald receiving a new appearance.[8]

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  • Trick Umbrellas: The Penguin wielded a variety of trick umbrellas, with knives, guns, and/or gas dispensers concealed in them.

  • The Penguin had a yellow limousine that was usually driven by Eagleton.
  • The Penguin has many henchmen who he has named after birds. These names include Jay, Raven, Eagleton, Falcone, Sheldrake, Jay (female), Raven (female), Lark, and Mr. Wing.


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