Quote1 It was my own fault. Foolish arrogance led me astray. But I learned my lessons. I'll be back, stronger and smarter than ever. Quote2
-- Penguin src

Season One

At the start of the series, Oswald in a young man working as an umbrella boy for nightclub owner and crime boss Fish Mooney. He is also completely devoted to his mother and has aspirations of making a name for himself in the city. However, under the surface, he is cold and calculating, notifying the MCU that Fish Mooney has in her possession the pearl necklace belonging to Martha Wayne, who was murdered alongside her husband Thomas by a mugger while on a night out with their son Bruce. When Fish discovers his betrayal, she breaks his leg, leaving him with a limp. Bullock and Gordon later bring him to the docks but the latter ultimately spares his life. When Oswald swims to safety he kills a fisherman in a bid to protect the fact that he is still alive.

After hitchhiking for several hours, he is picked up by two college frat boys who tell him he stinks and offer him a beer. Oswald is grateful for their kindness and comments on his arrogance before one of the frat boys tells him he walks like a penguin, triggering him to smash the beer bottle and stab the boy in the neck, killing him. He takes the other boy hostage and rents a mobile home, keeping the boy hostage and bribing his mother for a ransom. However, the boy's mother does not believe him. Oswald later returns to Gotham wearing the boy's clothes.


  • Tactical Analysis: Known to everyone as a "sneaky little bastard", Oswald is capable to planning several moves ahead of his enemies. However, when he is emotional, he is less observant and less tactful.
  • Deception: Cobblepot has succeeded in fooling both Fish Mooney and Sal Maroni, acting as an undercover informant for Falcone. Adding to this is he will always talk with a smile to others, unless they've incurred his rage.


  • Limp: After being punished for betraying Fish Mooney, Cobblepot's leg never healed right, leaving him with a visible limp. He later had an ankle brace which restored his ability to walk right. However, Gordon shot his knee, restoring his limp.
  • This version of the Penguin has been well-received by fans.