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Otis was a henchman working for Lex Luthor.

Luthor was plotting to steal two nuclear test missiles from the United States military in order to pull off the greatest criminal real estate scheme of owning hundreds of acres of land east of the San Andreas Fault by destroying much of California with an earthquake. Otis was put in the same penitentiary as Lex Luthor after Superman stopped the missiles and the earthquake. He joined Luthor in his escape from prison when Eve Teschmacher arrived in a hot-air balloon to provide a getaway vehicle that would take him north to "Superman's secret", the Fortress of Solitude. Unfortunately, Otis was left behind in the penitentiary when he tried to climb up the balloon's ladder and caused it to be pulled toward the ground, forcing Luthor to dislodge the ladder from the balloon.

  • Otis was played by Ned Beatty in both Superman: The Movie and Superman II.



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