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Otis was a LexCorp security guard.

During the blackout caused by the crime syndicate, Otis finds Lex in LexCorp's basements. As Lex is annoyed by Otis' nervous babbling, he and the security guard find their way to the lab where Subject B-Zero rests. He release the clone. Uncomfortably, Otis watches as Luthor opens the container in which Subject B-Zero was incubating, and introduces himself. Intending to test his creation's ability to follow his commands to the letter, Lex orders B-Zero to kill Otis. Unfortunately, the clone just grunts, and does nothing. Terrified, Otis begins unloading his weapon into the creature's chest, with no effect, as Luthor angrily commands it to do as he says. Otis' patience runs out, and he turns his weapon on Luthor instead. This seems to trigger the creature's aggression, and it leaps at Otis, tearing him apart.